Food for Thought: Susannah Mushatt Jones



From the Melanated Man:

Susannah Mushatt Jones of New York City (born in Lowndes County, Alabama) died on May 12, 2016 at the ripe age of 116 years old! She was born in 1899! That is remarkable!

And she was Black.

She was only two generations removed from slavery times.

I can’t imagine that. The things she could have seen and experienced during her time living. A fellow blogger that I follow did a quick review post on her that is good; here’s the link.

She has a Wikipedia page as well that is worth a read as well; here’s the link.

There was a excerpt in the Wikipedia page that really caught my attention:

“Jones was blind and partially deaf; she could not say much and she used a wheelchair. She only took high-blood pressure medication and a multivitamin. She became legally blind when she was 100. She refused cataract surgery or a recommended pacemaker and never had a mammogram or a colonoscopy….She slept about ten hours a night and napped throughout the day. For breakfast, she always ate four strips of bacon along with scrambled eggs and grits. She also ate bacon throughout the day.

So Ms. Jones experienced what many elderly men and women experience in their latter years with blindness, hypertension, etc., *considered protocol in Western civilization. What’s funny is that she ate FOUR strips of bacon with EGGS and more than likely WHITE grits every morning, then ate bacon AGAIN throughout the day.

Did she start eating this as she got older?

Has she eaten this type of food for the ENTIRETY of her life?

Was the bacon (pig) and eggs (chicken) farm-raised and the grits yellow (grounded corn, NATURAL form)?

No one is asking these questions. And they are VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS.

Now granted it does state that she slept for TEN HOURS and took naps frequently throughout the day. We know that lack of *adequate and beneficial sleep causes health issues as well. Also, she had no kids and was only married once, for not a long period; depending on what type of person you are it can be a *stressful OR rewarding experience.

But again, did that amount of sleep occur during her latter years when she was retired (more than likely) or ALL throughout her life? It’s not clear.

This type of MISINFORMATION can cause people to think that it doesn’t matter what you do health wise, it all comes down to genetic luck and/or GOD’S WILL (*for those who think the Creator has a certain time designated for everyone to die.) I have to admit, when I read about Ms. Jones, I started to think that luck had alot in play, given the fact that her family lineage has a history of long life.

I’ve come to understand that long life means NOTHING if you haven’t done anything with it, such as personal growth and inspiring others to do the same. That’s my personal opinion.

At the same time while we are living this life we have to stay in tip top shape to make the days we live meaningful and fruitful. How are you going to improve and grow when you are constantly DIS-EASED and COMPRISED with ARTIFICIAL AND UNNATURAL CONSUMPTION???

It’s still IMPORTANT what you put into your mouth (and MIND!) and how it affects you over the long run. It’s still IMPORTANT how much exercise and activity you do on a daily basis.

Whether you realize it or not, life is not meant to live for the moment.

You take it one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time, one year at a time…and it ADDS UP. Your life is THEN summed up through the MILLIONS of moments you’ll have.

Hopefully the SUM IS POSITIVE (for you math geeks!)

You don’t want to look back and realize your life was filled with EMPTY moments and no REAL GROWTH (besides your waistline) beyond the MATERIAL REALM.

That’s called being in the NEGATIVE (or red for the economist.)


When reading articles like this, with your CONSCIOUS mind, with your *THIRD EYE…look deeper.

And I’m talking to myself as well on this one!


R.I.P. Ms. Jones!


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man


*Future post







One thought on “Food for Thought: Susannah Mushatt Jones

  1. When I first read about her I thought about my own grandma who passed at age 83 [I think]. She was on all types of medication and drank DIET PEPSI [poison] every day of her life [since I’ve been around]. She also used to smoke cigarettes and drink Crown Royal on the weekends. I just wonder how they would have worded this if she had been the oldest person alive? News outlets can skew the facts whichever way they want to make you believe what they want you to.

    I’m in agreement that we should always be digging deeper + asking questions. Great post.

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