A Q &A : What is Blackness to You?


From the Melanin Man:

So Mr. Melanin Man, what is Blackness to you?

“Well, if really want to hear what I have to say…


“Blackness is MORE than my caramel-copper skin tone or the twirl and curl of my hair uniquely referred to as a “nap.”

“Blackness is MORE than the sum of my struggles as a “person of color” growing up in the “land of milk and honey.”

“Blackness is MORE than the style of my wardrobe, the roots of my heritage, the gait in my walk, or the slang in my talk.

“Blackness is MORE than a two-hour fantasy film that gives a DEPICTION of what Blackness is from a foreign perspective.


“These are physical qualifiers that are SENSELESS to the advanced spiritual being that I AM!


“Blackness, to me, is AWAKENING the feminine energy that is primal to me from dormancy to practicality.

“Blackness, to me, is the NEVER ENDING QUEST, to constantly dive in the “dark abyss” to gain the KNOWLEDGE OF SELF.

“Blackness, to me, is placing the gift of my melanin, THE ESSENCE OF MY SOUL, under the stress of life trivialities to transform into the GOD I AM destined to be.

“Blackness, to me, is all-encompassing, infinite, ever-lasting, FOREVER AND ETERNITY!


That is what Blackness is to me.

And that is WHAT, not WHO, I AM!!!”


What is Blackness to you, fam?



Enjoy your Friday!

Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanin Man

12 thoughts on “A Q &A : What is Blackness to You?

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  4. Blackness is knowing that the blood of Afrikan kings & queens who they themselves descended from gods, no matter how hard European leaders will try to dismiss this by slicing the noses from Egyptian sculptures, and claiming they were built by Arabians or aliens.

    Blackness is knowing I don’t have a direct path back to my Afrikan heritage other than the shade of my skin due to Caribbean slave raiders destroying my family roots. Blackness is power knowing every other race wants the traits from my brothers and sisters all the while being ashamed to admit this because they can’t physically or mentally create them themselves.
    But this also means I get to be proud to be black because of the very first thing I said when responding to this post.

    P.S. How you doing Kelley. We gotta stop meeting like this…actually let’s keep going. (cheeky winks)

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