Announcement! Community Capital Investment Group (CCIG) meeting coming soon!



To all followers and non-followers:



The Community Capital Investment Group (CCIG) is a new association that is committed to building Black wealth and autonomy separate from the current power structure. CCIG is looking for willing members who are dedicated to adhering to a healthy lifestyle, both physical and spiritual, and are able to contribute their time, knowledge, and various skill sets to building a society that is conducive to Blacks’ advancement.


First meeting will take place in the Atlanta area in September 2016; more details will be determined soon. If you are interested in joining CCIG or need any more information, please call the founder Mr. Babbs at (256)452-2965.

Let me know through the comment section if you are interested as well. Thanks!


Also, anyone with Facebook or Twitter ? I would be most thankful if you post this announcement on your page/feed.



7 thoughts on “Announcement! Community Capital Investment Group (CCIG) meeting coming soon!

  1. I would also like to have any information about CCIG that you may already have Mr. Melanated Man.

    I have already contacted Mr. Babbs and will follow up with him asap.

    I am also interested in information from the other members on this group site as well.

    Thanks and Ahsho.


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    • Thanks for commenting! I checked the website and I’m very intrigued!!! If you’ve talked to Mr. Babbs I’m pretty sure he told you about the meeting in Anniston tomorrow at 1:30 pm. I don’t have any new specifics at the moment on CCIG, and so I would redirect you to Mr. Babbs for that. If I think of anything I’ll let you know.


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