Random Thought: My Appreciation for the Common Voice Grows!





From the Melanated Man:

Well I’m tapping back into the madness for a minute  just to share a few words. I been working on my memoir and i have to tell you, writing a book sucks all of your creative juices. Which is why I mentioned a couple a weeks ago I was stepping away from the blog to focus more on that.

It’s been fun and self-fulfilling too! I learn more about myself every time I write my 1000 word per day on it.

But I can’t leave The Melanin Man blog hanging, so I got to tend to my baby (besides my two beautiful daughters and wife!) so people won’t worry that I fell off the face of the earth.

During that time memoir writing, I have been on a self-imposed mainstream media blackout for a little over a week and a half, which I intend on stretching into the winter. Hopefully I can grow even more than I have already have in last couple of years. I have only stuck to the blogs I follow and a select few of BLACK-focused websites which I re-post articles from time to time.

And so far it has been rewarding.

I already had a appreciation for blogs created by common folk such as myself. And by staying off mainstream sites such as Yahoo, CNN, Fox, ABC and those that ilk, I understand how essentially important the common man’s (and woman’s) voice truly is.

Honestly, it’s the only voice that MATTERS.

We are the GROUND LEVEL, the GRASSROOTS as you would say.

When I read blogs that I follow (i.e. gray suede, Kushite Kingdom, nidotopianwarrior ) I can hear a passion that is UNFILTERED and a commonality that I can’t obviously receive from the mainstream media platform.

I can connect, and now I recognize that connection in its entirety…and I am grateful for that.

I’m grateful that I can share a piece of myself with others who I have something in common with. And these days that is very HARD to find.

Because the mainstream media platform only DUMBS DOWN your consciousness, especially those of HIGH MELANIN CONTENT.

99% of their content is ENTERTAINMENT BULLSHIT, 1% may be substantive but SLANTED.

BLACK PEOPLE, you really have to be careful of the sources you receive your information from.

Go to the sources that you can relate, your BLACK MEDIA PLATFORMS, preferably ones that are not OWNED by the WHITE-MAJORITY!





truth-out.org (funded by Caucasians but provides good non-bias information every so often.)

Check out other blogs (besides mine; I thank you for the support nevertheless!) on WordPress, Blogger, and other blog engines that you can relate to that can feed your SOUL.

Support the common messengers!

In the process, create your OWN voice, on your OWN platform if you have the courage ( I know you do!)

Because it is important and of value!

And I say common folk to get my point across, but I don’t believe any of us are common ( and I’m not just blowing smoke up your ass!)




Peace and love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man



2 thoughts on “Random Thought: My Appreciation for the Common Voice Grows!

  1. Thank you. It’s nice to be recognized and know that my voice is heard. I think the same of your blog; you speak on vital topics that aren’t always fun or easy to hear, but are nonetheless essential to shift from the state we’re in.

    Initially I was disgusted when I learned major news outlets are not required to tell the truth. They can embellish and omit whatever they want, so I get my news from people with their ears to the ground that have nothing to lose. It’s just easier to filter out the propaganda that way. Unless it’s pertaining to storms or airport delays or traffic, watching the news is like junk mail for your mind.

    And thanks for the news links.

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