Food For Thought: RE-MEMBER YOURSELF, FAM!!!

From The Melanin Man:


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When we learn, it should ONLY be to unlock information within you (i.e. attaining consciousness) that you already have access to that may have forgotten (i.e. asleep, lost consciousness, “the walking dead”) over time.

Despite what the Western philosophy has tricked you into believing, THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN! All the knowledge of LIFE and SELF is within.

Support your  Black-Melanin Dominant elders, sages, scholars, philosophers, thinkers, etc. that are BLACK-MINEDED and truly have your best interests at heart!


Enjoy your Friday, fam!


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanin Man

5 thoughts on “Food For Thought: RE-MEMBER YOURSELF, FAM!!!

  1. Last year on one of my twitter accounts I made a post saying we should learn from the past and some people replied by saying the past is distorted and we should forget it and live in the present. One of the guys who said this was promoting the teachings of Buddhism and I replied by saying. If we can learn from the past teachings of the Buddha certainly we can learn from our own past.

    The attitude towards the past is one of the disagreements I have with some Spiritual communities. So yes I Re-Membering is very important.

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    • Whats that saying? “There is nothing new under the sun.” The past is no different than the present, the same things that happened a million years ago happens today just in a different manner. So people who choose to forget the past are foolish and prone to repeat history over and over again. Which is what is occurring today.

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  2. We are the cumulative result of everything that happened in the past even if we weren’t there to experience it.
    Some past events have been preserved on this planet to help us re-member. The 8000 year old boat made of African mahogany in Nigeria was preserved so we can remember what life was like 8000 years ago. Its preservation was no accident. The oldest human remains were preserved so we can re-member who was here on earth first and where they were. Those remains also help us remember this was Planet Melanin under the Melanin World Order at one time.
    Now we can re-member Planet Melanin. Under the Melanin World Order there were no poor people, we owned all the earth, there were no prisons, abortion clinics or cameras watching us everywhere we went.


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