Did You Know: The Jackfruit

From the Melanated Man:

I went to the farmer’s market a couple a weeks ago and noticed the fruit pictured below:



Looks good!


That’s jackfruit for those not familiar with the fruit. At first I was skeptical about trying the fruit due to unfamiliarity and the cost at $0.89 a pound, which the average jackfruit can weigh between 10 to 100 pounds. That’s a pretty penny to spend on something you’ve never eaten before.

But I did my research and came back to the farmer’s market the couple of days ago and decided to throw in $17 to expand my horizons.

In my opinion, it was WORTH it.

The taste and even the aroma is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Very tropical flavor; to the few who are familiar with the fruit, it reminds them Juicy Fruit chewing gum!

(Rumor has it that Juicy Fruit stole its flavor from jackfruit.)

It’s like mangoes, bananas, pineapples mixed together to create this wonderful, underrated, and still relatively unknown fruit.

But it’s slowly becoming popular in the vegan/vegetarian community as a  meat-substitute for vegans (not me, though!) It’s also good for making sauces, salads, desserts, various food dishes, and especially smoothies which is delicious!  And many, many more uses.

These are just a few of the health benefits to jackfruit:



Be open-minded and try some jackfruit. If you have any stories or recipes you would like to share concerning this amazing fruit, PLEASE comment.

I’m adding this fruit to my personal repertoire. You should as well.



Peace and love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man


More information on jackfruit:





A Did You Know? Reblog: #BlackVegansRock: 100 Black Vegans to Check Out

Striving with Systems

I am treating this piece as a performance art piece, not a blog post. Each time someone from the animal rights/vegan community wants to write an article about how white the animal rights/vegan movement is, I hope that they choose one person from this list to write an article about instead. 

This list is not in any particular order, and it is not meant to be completely exhaustive. Additionally, I can’t guarantee that everyone on this list is still vegan, though they were at the time of my research. I acquired this information simply by researching online and asking around. Also, I must note that I personally don’t think eating a plant-based diet automatically means that you’re a political activist or animal rights activist. As I said in a previous post “Veganism without politicization only yields de-contexualized diets.”

Nevertheless, this list is meant to serve as a statement for anyone who says “veganism is…

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Did you know: Tassilli’s Raw Reality




Tassili’s Raw Reality


From the Melanated Man:

I said I was going to cut back on the food posts for a minute.

I got to sneak this one in though (lol!)


I visited this vegan restaurant recently in the historic West End of Atlanta  and I have to tell you…it was OFF THE CHARTS!!

Now granted, most of my followers are meat-eaters to the core and I completely understand the love for the animal flesh. I was RIGHT THERE with you a time ago.

BUT…vegetarian or vegan food can be flavorful (WITH ITS NATURAL FLAVOR!) as well if you prepare it right.

And this place can prepare it JUST RIGHT! I had a kale wrap that was just DELICIOUS!


Mouth-watering wrap with kale, couscous, olives, etc. MMMMMMMM!


Then I topped it off with some…

Melanin Magic Mix! Yeah, really!


It was gon point as well. Also, I had popcorn and a vegan brownie as well that were pretty tasty in their own right.

Not to mention the restaurant is BLACK-OWNED (The Melanin Magic Mix should have been a dead givaway.)

These kind of experiences let me know that there are others that have a similar mindframe when it comes to eating and health, especially within black-melanted communities such as the West End.


We need to embrace (and patronize) these establishments more often and take notes on how to implement this type of diet into our lives, the one I have been ADVOCATING for!!!


Let’s become the CHANGE we seek WITHIN OURSELVES!!


Restaurant Location and Menu Information:

1059 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30310



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man



Did you know?: The man who cured AIDS, etc.





“Dr. Sebi is classified as a healer, pathologist, herbalist, biochemist, and naturalist. Sebi was born Alfredo Bowman on November 26, 1933 in the village of Llanga in Honduras. He had no formal schooling. He was taught by his grandmother in his through his childhood. Sebi came to the USA as a self-educated man who was diagnosed with asthma, diabetes, impotency, and obesity. After many unsuccessful treatments with conventional Western-taught doctors, Sebi was led to a herbalist in Mexico. Gaining healing from aliments listed above, he began creating natural vegetation cell food compounds geared for intercellular cleansing and the revitalization of all the cells that make up the human body.

In 1988, he took on the New York Attorney General in a Supreme Court case where he was sued for false advertisement and practice without a license after placing ads in newspapers, such as the New York Post, where he announced:

“AIDS has been cured by the USHA Research Institute, and we specialize in cures for Sickle Cell, Lupus, Blindness, Herpes, Cancer, and others.”

Before the trial, Sebi had to provide one witness per dis-ease he had claimed to cure to court. Instead, he brought 77 witnesses to court and the judge had no choice but to declare him NOT GUILTY on all accounts, proving that he did in fact have the cure to all dis-eases mentioned in the papers.

Several top celebrities sought healing from the doctor which includes: Michael Jackson, Magic Johnson, Eddie Murphy, John Travolta and the deceased Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. Lisa had showed public support for the doctor’s teachings before she died in a car accident in Honduras after leaving Dr. Sebi’s USHA Healing Village. Makes you wonder?

According to Sebi, there is only one culprit for all DIS-EASES, which is MUCUS. Mucus buildup is the result of our starch and blood consumption (MEAT), which can be cleared primarily through fasting, bio mineral alkaline rich foods and herbs, which you can find on his website. ”

Take a look at his website to fully understand his philosophy: