Did you know: Tassilli’s Raw Reality




Tassili’s Raw Reality


From the Melanated Man:

I said I was going to cut back on the food posts for a minute.

I got to sneak this one in though (lol!)


I visited this vegan restaurant recently in the historic West End of Atlanta  and I have to tell you…it was OFF THE CHARTS!!

Now granted, most of my followers are meat-eaters to the core and I completely understand the love for the animal flesh. I was RIGHT THERE with you a time ago.

BUT…vegetarian or vegan food can be flavorful (WITH ITS NATURAL FLAVOR!) as well if you prepare it right.

And this place can prepare it JUST RIGHT! I had a kale wrap that was just DELICIOUS!


Mouth-watering wrap with kale, couscous, olives, etc. MMMMMMMM!


Then I topped it off with some…

Melanin Magic Mix! Yeah, really!


It was gon point as well. Also, I had popcorn and a vegan brownie as well that were pretty tasty in their own right.

Not to mention the restaurant is BLACK-OWNED (The Melanin Magic Mix should have been a dead givaway.)

These kind of experiences let me know that there are others that have a similar mindframe when it comes to eating and health, especially within black-melanted communities such as the West End.


We need to embrace (and patronize) these establishments more often and take notes on how to implement this type of diet into our lives, the one I have been ADVOCATING for!!!


Let’s become the CHANGE we seek WITHIN OURSELVES!!


Restaurant Location and Menu Information:

1059 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30310



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man




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