Sharing my Art: “Black Butterfly Awakened”

From the Melanin Man:

I wanted to share this sketch I finished recently. I’m proud of it and consider it one of best sketches so far in my life. I call it Black Butterfly Awakened. I placed a few hidden messages within in the sketch if you can figure them out, OR you may come to find your own messages in the sketch. Check it out!

Finished product

I also took pictures of the process, as well.


Hope I don’t offend you, my sistas. This is not an attempt to objectify, but my personal expression of my admiration and the high esteem I hold for the BLACK WOMAN.

In my most honest humble opinion, she is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL being on the face of the earth, in every shape and shade imaginable!  Her beauty, essence, and love  are second-to-none. Everything on this planet literally begins and ends with her. And I greatly appreciate the influence she has had in my life, from my mother and grandmothers to my wife and two young daughters.  Thank you for loving me unconditionally!


 as a Black Man I say, I love you very much, BLACK WOMAN!


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanin Man

6 thoughts on “Sharing my Art: “Black Butterfly Awakened”

    • It’s water that’s she kneeling in. I wanted to do a colored picture this time since normally I do black/white. No you’re fine to want that 😁😁


  1. Beautiful artwork! Your really talented! I’m kind of jealous. I can’t draw people that well. I can only draw cartoons characters. I can draw Bart Simpson,Snoopy and Homer Simpson pretty
    But this is really nice. You should start selling some of this art. I think people would buy it.

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