From the Melanated Man:

I’m surprised that I even entertained the thought of writing a post about a “childrens” movie. This was not on my to-post list.

The wife and I took my three and two-year old daughters to see Trolls  a couple of weeks back. I didn’t want to go honestly, I didn’t want to subject my kids to such buffoonery at a young age. But hey what the heck!

“Hey, it’s just a children’s movie. It shouldn’t be that bad, right?”


Too many subliminal and hidden messages. For a CHILDRENS CARTOON MOVIE!!!

Our youth, the melanated ones, do not have a chance, people! They’re hitting them very early. I should have known better, though.

Anything that is placed on a screen is meant to manipulate and influence thought and behavior. I repeat…


Even if it’s a cartoon, for children.

But anyway, I’m sitting in the theater shaking my head, laughing at the foolishness they are feeding my children through this bullshit they call entertainment.

Here’s the synopsis:

The Bergens are a group of people who are miserable practically all of their lives. They are  ugly, grayish-looking creatures with pointed ears and long noses, moles all over their bodies. They live in a modern-day slum-like metropolis. The only day that they are happy is when they can eat a Troll, the day of Trollstice. Initially the Trolls were trapped/guarded in their their home tree, the only tree in the Bergen city, by the Bergens. The Trolls are a “colorful” bunch,. They are naturally happy and lively creatures who love to sing and dance, sporting exotic-like hair and “wide ” noses. The Trolls manage to escape from the Bergens and build their own civilization (Troll Village) in the untampered forest away from the Bergens city and live peacefully amongst themselves for a good number of years. The Bergens thereby have absolutely nothing to look forward to during that time period.  That is until the Bergens are able to find Troll Village and kidnap a good number of the Trolls and take them back to their city to recommence Trollstice. So Poppy (voiced by Anna Kendricks) and Branch (voiced by Justin Timberlake) must go rescue their comrades from the Bergens.

And so and so on.



I’m assuming that most of my subscribers do not have kids . If you do, I’m safe in thinking that you really wouldn’t care to see the movie anyway, so no spoiler alert will be issued.

I will be brief with this so no worries. It’s pretty straightforward.


(My thoughts and opinions are captured in bold.)


Just based off of the synopsis, it’s not too difficult to determine who is who when placed in real world context. The Bergens have a direct parallel to the Europeans, Caucasians, the Melanin-Recessive individuals of this world. The Trolls have strong traits to Africans, Blacks, Aboriginals, The Melanin-Dominant, besides the fact that they are short. The Bergens have had to eat, like vampires who suck the life out of their hue-man counterparts, the life force of the Trolls to have any semblance of satisfaction during their existence. Due to their melanin-recessive position, Europeans cannot spiritually connect to the life force of the Earth and the Sun.Thus they have feed off the energy of the Melanin-Dominant through our emotions, our participation within their sick system, theft and rape, and in some cases, through straight up eating us. Practically everything that the European has attained in this day and age has been through illegal appropriation. When the Trolls are able to escape from the Bergens, they head into the forest, into nature, away from the dirty, filthy,infested metropolis inhabited by the Bergens. They are able to reconnect with nature, able to live in peace amongst themselves away from the Bergens. The Melanin-Dominant should heed to this example if they wish break away from the Matrix and attain true liberation, physical and spiritual. 

Years after the escape, the Trolls  live prosperous in Troll Village. Poppy, daughter of King Peppy, is the future queen-to-be of Troll Village. She is oblivious of the fact that Bergens could find Troll Village. Throughout history, long before to the reign of ancient BLACK Egypt, the Melanin-Dominant have underestimated the machinations of their Melanin-Recessive enemies.   Poppy frequently throws parties that are flamboyant and loud enough to attract the attention of the Bergen Chef (voiced by Christine Baranski), who was cast out of the Bergens city after the Trolls escape.The Chef kidnapped most of Poppy’s best friends, including her love interest Creek, taking them back to Bergens city to regain favor with the king and Bergen faithful.  Prior to the attack, Branch was always on alert of an Bergens attack due to a tragic childhood experience where his Grandma as kidnapped and eaten by a Bergen. Branch reminds me of the militant, the conscious Melanin-Dominant individual who are always on alert of  their unnatural enemies (the Melanin-Recessive).

In the attempt to rescue Poppy’s friends, Poppy and Branch are discovered by maid to King Gristle Jr. (voiced by Christopher Mintz-Plasse)  Bridget (voiced by Zooey Deschanel), who is not as cold and cruel as the other Bergens and secretly has romantic feelings for the king. Poppy, Branch and Poppy’s crew help the maid disguise as a voluptuous Bergen vixen to capture the king’s attention during one of the king’s random outings, with new wardrobe and by using their own exotic-hair as a colorful rainbow wig. Besides the obvious shout out to LGBT community (there were many other sexual innuendos in this “childrens” movie), Europeans have since seemingly time immoral have tried to imitate the body and hair complexions of the Melanin-Dominant due to possibly their own insecurities of what they lack naturally. They have appropriated that complexion themselves and have shamed the Melanin-Dominant who have taken pride in what they have naturally. 

Later in the movie, the Trolls are betrayed by one of their own Creek (voiced by Russell Brand), captured in the initial attack, who makes a deal with the Bergens to spare his own life if he gives up the remaining Trolls in the Troll Village. Sounds familiar? We have a term, well a couple of terms, that describe Melanin-Dominant individuals who sell their people down the river to be Massa’s kiss-ass (that’s one!): Sambo, coon, knee-grow, etc. Too many resistances have been sabotaged in the past by those who seek to befriend their enemy. Once the all of the Trolls are captured with the Bergens looking to prepare them for a special treat, the Trolls spiritually succumb to defeat and began to lose their “colors.” When the Melanin-Dominant choose to ignore their natural gift of melanin and yield to the conquerors (their colonizers), they lose that gift, the connection to the universe. Luckily, Bridget is able to save the Trolls before they were sent to the oven to be cooked. This reeks of WSIC: White Savior Industrial Complex! The Melanin-Dominant are not able to free themselves without help from Europeans?!

Moving on…

Eventually at the end of the film, before Bridget can turn herself in for treason, the Trolls decide to back her and convince the king and his people to spare her and their own lives. They helped Bridget reveal to the king her true identity. Bridget claimed that the Trolls showed her that the Bergens could indeed attain happiness like the Trolls if they only believed themselves. The king and the Bergens are persuaded of this new reality and welcome the Trolls back in their city to the tree they once occupied. The Chef and the traitorous Troll Creek are kicked out of the city and Poppy is officially made queen of the Trolls. Poppy and Branch began a budding romance and of course, happily ever after.


The message to our very impressionable youth is to  make peace with your enemies, who…

naturally don’t have what you have, the gift of melanin


honestly, you don’t need anything from because of that gift of melanin


over thousands and thousands of years have established their TRUE NATURE to you…



To make peace and INTEGRATE?


The Trolls left their beautiful city amongst the beautiful wildlife and Mother Earth, to their old tree that is most likely suffocated by the filth and smog produced by the Bergen city.

Just to integrate with the Bergens. Smh.

The Melanin-Dominant have integrated into a system and society (Western society) that is not conducive to their biology nor their spirituality. But the majority of them are cognizant of that fact. I guess, like the Trolls, we must show Europeans, the Melanin-Recessive, how to be civil and be civilized creatures. Hey, we have created practically EVERYTHING that they claim they’ve “discovered” or “invented” in more ways than one. 

Screw that!

Anyway, that’s what they are teaching our youth behind the scenes of these cartoon concoctions.

These “CHILDRENS” movies.

Unfortunately our children can’t see this at a very young age, and they are very persuadable by this nonsense. We have to protect them. It is our responsibility to decalicify our pineal eye, that THIRD EYE, so that we can.

If we don’t, our children, our seed, our FUTURE doesn’t stand a chance.


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man





155 thoughts on “Decoding “Trolls” (THIS MOVIE IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN!!)

  1. This sounds racist as all fuck, yes you should be friends with other races you racist fuck. I am friends with a lot of other people. What are you stuck in the past come to the present. Realize that we can all get along. Everyone who agrees with this fuck should be ashamed of themselves. Your kids learn from you people their guardians/ parents. How you act will rub off on them not what they watch i didn’t watch tv until i was close to my teens and i turned out just fine. I stand up for my family, friends and even a few enemies. I am sure you all have heard “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer”. Kids learn from the people their around not moving pictures on a screen. Think about what you say and do around your kids or others kids because they pick up things from people aroumd them who they are physically and mentally attached to.


    • You missed the other parts about drug use (glitter, and raving) and drinking(in the bunker”chug chug chug”). I actually thought of the Bergen’s from a political point as trump supporters and the trolls as liberals. There are gay trolls as well as trans trolls. I hate this movie to say the least it’s seems like they aren’t trying to hide things subliminal messages anymore.


  2. I love the movie it’s self it gose to show kids to be happy and filled with joy and push through the problems they have because all will get better your digging way too deep into it is a movie for KIDS with means children I’m pretty sure every thing you said isn’t even sopost to be the meaning of the movie keep your comments and opinion to your self and dig deeper and find out what’s actually true and then change your prospective!!


  3. This is definitely one of the most obnoxious rascially ingnorant thing I have ever read. I do see how you could have interpreted the movie in this way but only if you were rascist and closed minded. You went to a children’s movie which most parents enjoy doing with there children and picked apart a well loved movie that represents love acceptance and the pursuit of happiness instead of seeing the beauty in the message of unity and friendship and acceptance you chose to allow you close minded opinions to misconstrue a beautiful story. All in all you are the type of person who gives our people a bad name. Instead of accepting all people you are just as bad as the so called oppressors you hate so much.


      • Even my 3year old understands the concept of this movie more than you!! You obviously need some SERIOUS psychological help if thats what you believe. People like you should be sterilized. Your poor children……. get some help mate, and by the way- noone actually cares what you think you deluded attention seeking fucking idiot


    • stfu moron go jump off a cliff twice with that weak minded wanna be self rightious b.s. and that we are the world b.s. i hate black ppl like you with a passion seriously you disgust your ancestors trust me!!!!!!


  4. Dude it’s about drugs. Poppy says at the end, you don’t need to eat trolls to be happy, happiness in inside of you. It’s about the opioid epidemic.


  5. It’s an allegory about substance abuse.

    The tone of this assessment of the trolls movie is very racist. I feel sorry for your children that will learn such hatred of “melanin recessives” from you.


    • This is not a race related movie. Not everything is race related, no matter how much you want to see it in everything in order to fuel your hate for those with less melanin than yourself.
      You’re acting like an alex jones type conspiracy theorists, and granted, we’re all allowed our own opinions, but in hindsight, you are charging hate towards a certain group. Which in the long of the short is racist. White and those lacking melanin, are still a race.
      I have children, and our family has multitudes of different melanin within it. So are we not good enough to raise those in our family with more melanin in their dna?


  6. Your children are going to be pretty messed up if this is what your teaching them. I would keep this shit to myself if I were you because it’s so fucking dumb and very racist. I didn’t consider race at all while watching this movie and until reading this, I had no idea anyone could make this moronic connection. I hope you find happiness one day because you sound like one miserable, bitter sonofabitch.
    PS your kids are going to grow up to realize their father was a paranoid crazy person and they will make fun of you behind your back until you die.

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  7. Someone needs to take this children away from you and put them in a less hostile, racist environment. Also, I’m just picturing Clayton Bigsby, from the first episode of Chappelle Show, in reverse… in a perfect world, you’re just a blind, racist white man… and everyone is laughing at you. Either way, EVERYBODY is laughing at you.


  8. As a mother myself, I feel you do not have any parental skills or qualities, nor are you sane and in right mind. I honestly feel bad for your kids, they are going to grow up indoctrinated as hell. This is one of the most wacked out theories I have ever read, you need to learn to enjoy life and see the good. You and people with your line of thought are the reason we continue to have race issues all around the world. Grow up.


  9. Did you know the Good Luck Troll is nearly 90 years old?
    In the 1930s, on the northern shores of the Limfjord in North Jutland, a poor woodcarver created a simple gift for his daughter, Lila, out of local wood. Thomas Dam, the son of a fisherman, created a troll in his image, using wool for hair and the first Good Luck Troll, or Troll Doll, was born. Thomas Dam wanted his troll dolls to be different from traditional Scandinavian myths, where they were either angry, bad or dangerous.

    Now DreamWorks trolls movie. Mostly white cast. The trolls sing and dance and hug and live a heightened happy existence. Miserable troll eating Bergen’s, etc etc.

    We perceive our reality and our world through the prism of our experience and mentality.
    Same with this movie I guess.

    Trolls are nature creatures, from a Danish man’s perspective.
    A North European perspective. Where the population do not have a long history of living alongside or subjugating a more “melanin rich” population.
    This movie WAS made in America.
    The black American man and woman have a very unique experience as compared to their relatives in Africa. Much like their Caribbean and South American cousins. Displaced by slavery and maligned for their skin colour. A black African would not necessarily view this movie in the same way as you (perhaps at a stretch a South African person would). Why? Because of their life experience. There would be no racism as you and I know it without the herald of slavery. Just otherness, curiosity and maybe a little fear?

    Our children (and yours) will thrive not by reviling those different from themselves, but by truly loving, nurturing who and what THEY are. By celebrating each other we see the Unique qualities WE possess. We see the humanity in each other and ourselves.

    So many ways to view this movie huh?
    I totally disagree with yours…
    Good luck with finding a good way to raise your children in the unknown future. It isn’t easy being a black child in a lot of places for various reasons.
    Please don’t make your power your power to hate.
    That’s a hard thing to do coming out of the cess pool that is slavery. That’s the context you have to live with. One of many contexts I hope you and your family will have the luxury of enjoying one day.

    One love people.


  10. Besides repeating what everyone else has said. You are welcome ‘The Melanin Man’ with out those Europeans enslaving someone so long ago sold to him by a Melanin Man you are able to write this shitty opinion of a child’s movie. You obviously have done no research and lack the ability to do so.


  11. You ate a moron. You completely ripped what the actual meaning behind it is. And this was proven by the director of they story. The Bergens are people who need to eat something to make them happy. That is obviously meant to represent drug addicts. The trolls in turn are the drugs. But as the movie progresses it shows the jegatove effects on the bergens and their dependence on the trolls to make them happy. In the end they learn that they can be happy without drugs. Again, this meaning was proven to be correct by the person who directed the movie in a. Interview. You are a pathetic racist. You should have never had children and I truly feel sorry for their childhoods.

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  12. Wow that’s reading way too much into a children’s movie. And you do sound racist as all hell. I mean next you’re going to say Shrek is racist. It’s a kids movie with a few scenes with adult humor for us parents who have to sit through it daily because our kids are addicted. Little kids like bright colors, scientific fact that why trolls were made bright and vibrant.


  13. I agree with u!! When I first saw it.. that’s what I thought about… fuck what people think… your right Fam!!! I had to look out up to make sure I wasnt the only one thinkin what u were thinkin… your right fam!! If they wanna stay close minded and not wake up.. let them stay there.. your right fam!

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  14. Bergen backwards is Negre b. Seriously, get an app that plays sound backwards and say “Bergen, Bergen, Bergen” And play it back backwards. No way is that a coincidence

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  15. No one is savage, except for murderers. What you are saying is that all pale colored people are hardly human. Nobody can help the amount of melanin they have, where they are from, or who they are born to. What you are saying is that every pale person is terrible, but nobody is truly horrible because of their genes.


    • I just have to ask, why is it that you have a problem with Caucasian people? I only ask because you seem to have shut down to all of the responses you’ve received in an attempt to return the negativity back on the attackers in the comments, without leaving a reason as to why. I am African American, and my spouse is white, my children and half. I guess I have to ask, would you prefer to see a unification of the world’s nation’s, or continue the classification of each race individually? If so that’s your right to think, but I must ask, why would you want to see strife continue to exist in the pursuit of an extremity of individualism?


  16. All of you that say that the OPs opinion is nowhere near what the movie is can’t understand bc you’re most likely melanin recessive. That term is funny, btw. And don’t understand bc of that fact. The OPs point of integration at the end is a bit extreme. I’m pretty sure the reason why the need to integrate is greater than ever today is bc it’s human nature to gravitate to what is not allowed or forbidden. So it might be possible to achieve what he’s suggesting by not having strongly bigoted sounding solutions. I struggle with the movie’s interpretation as well. But none of my suggestions will matter to anyone but myself, whether I choose to share them or not. Sharing info is most powerful when you’re not trying to convince someone. Hopefully this helps everyone get along. Good day.


  17. This is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. You can’t be serious. So do you just walk around trying to decode everything until it’s all ruined by your own hate? It’s a movie, it’s not like anything you said. It’s imagination. I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore.

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  18. Wow. Talk about overreacting! Way to read into a kid’s movie in the most excessive way imaginable. Must be an absolute delight to live life with such an extreme conspiracy-theory mindset, accompanied by a heaping side of the victim mentality. 🙄


  19. I have watched this movie countless times and not once did I pick up on any racist tones. It was a children’s movie with catchy music. I’m genuinely concerned for the author who came up with this nonsense. Things like this is what keeps our country divided. #youneedahug #allweislove


  20. What the F is wrong with you? You turned a childrens movie into something negative. All movies have hidden messages moron who cares. Disney does it all the time. Sit back anf enjoy the movie don’t be a negative creep looking for codes in a movie.


    • It’s like I said in another persons comment, HES A BERGEN IN DISGUISE WE NEED TO SAVE THE DAMN TROLLS (aka us) FROM HIM!!! (This is a joke btw, this guy is a fucking lunatic)


  21. You realize the troll dolls had ‘wide’ noses decades before this movie was written, right? You based an entire opinion on a narrative that YOU created based on the look of a children’s doll from three decades ago…

    This is one of the most uneducated and teaching pieces of garbage I’ve ever read.

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  22. You’re so divided it’s not even funny.

    You are saying that melanin enriched (ME) people are superior. That non melanin enriched (NME) are in essence bad and corrupt.

    It’s interesting, that you base ME people as being spiritually (in fact, in every way) better… Yet, the segregation that you promote tells me otherwise.

    You’re coming from a stand point that the NME people came from centuries ago, resulting in grandiose superiority ideas that lead to slavery and inhumane activities.
    You’re no better than the Dutch that arrived in South Africa.

    And if black people are so superior, why is it that they seemingly did not outsmart the white oppressors?

    Why has their been one black president in USA (whom has a lot to answer for… He brought USA to it’s knees practically).

    Stop pushing segregation and race hate.

    We’ve being trying for a long time to create unity, but then there’s the likes of you that carry this inherent bitterness.

    Black people are amazing. They do have skill sets that whites don’t have. And vice versa.
    For instance, there’s nothing better than a black dancer. Whites can dance, but I feel blacks have that undisputed natural rythym that one cannot manufacture.

    Racism didn’t do good in the past.


  23. I cannot actually believe I read this article. It is filled with uneducated, closed-minded, and ridiculous racist and conspiracy theory garbage. You seem to be the type of individual who can shit on anyone’s parade and obviously enjoy doing so. Hopefully the gene pool chlorine reaches your area someday.


  24. Yes. There are subliminal messages in movies, cartoons, commercials, music videos, etc….I have seen this movie many times, and it isn’t about race. You do know that skin color isn’t a race right?🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ No matter the skin color, we are ALL HUE-man beings. That is our race. We are not different species. This movie has nothing to do with “race” or skin color. This movie is about how the SATANIC ELITISTS need to drink the adrenochrome from children (this is a “children’s” movie supposedly), in order for them to get “high”; acquire “power” and remain “youthful”. Without it, they began to age; look like death warmed over. Guy Diamond giving “birth” and Smidge, Poppy’s sister, who has a very masculine voice, are prime example of nonBinary/transgenders, etc….the gay rainbow is used in almost every Disney movie. Disney we know is in the ILLUMINATI CULT. I could go on and on with the things that evil/pedophilic company/family has been doing over the yrs, but that’s for anotyeranother post. Our enemy is not flesh and blood=HUE-man beings. Our enemies are DEMONS and their OFFSPRING. Yes. They had children. Nothing new under the sun. Stop trying to cause a fight. This isn’t about “white” or “black”. You do know that the BLM and the BHI CULT, and the Black Greek Organization, along with the Black Panthers, etc….was started/funded by the ILLUMINATI CULT, and that they do gave BLACK MEMBERS?!🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Get over your skin color! You are dust like everyone else. And to dust you will return.


  25. There’s real racism, and there’s this out of the world crazy horse shit. I feel bad for your kids. Your last statement about teaching them this mess basically is telling me, “We need to teach our kids to be racist.”

    This movie isn’t racist. You’ve taken the context of the movie and molded it the way you want it to be and you want it to be racist so you can continue spouting your bullshit racist agenda.

    Grow. Up.


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