Did you know? “Bowling”




From the Melanated Man:


Excerpt taken from African Holistic Health by Dr. Llaila Afrika

“Bowling” is an African healing and diagnostic and divination instrument mistaken for a game. Actually, it is the pyramidal and divining egg device. the so-called pins (chakras) were placed in a pyramid shape, each pin representing an organ, fate as well as spiritual, mental, emotional and social state. The diving egg (bowling ball) was programmed with the aura of the patient (a witness of cloth or hair was used.) Then the ball was rolled to strike the pins. Next, the healer would read the pins based upon how they fell, the direction they lay in and according to astrology and what matrix they formed. Finally, the healer would then program the ball (egg) ans strike the pins (chakras) in order to change fate or find a remedy.


Seek to learn something new each day on this earth.


Peace and love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man

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