Having a Moment: The Black Panther and breaking away from decoding/analyzing the movies of our enemies



From The Melanin Man:

Disclaimer: This is not a spoiler alert. There will be no DECODING/ANALYZING conducted on this post. I refuse to waste precious energy on decoding such tomfoolery.

(For those of you who wish to read that, click here, here, here, here and here. And here. AND here. There brothers and sisters of mine have already done a beautiful job of that.)

Reluctantly this morning I accompanied my wife to watch probably (let’s be honest, it is) the most hyped Black movie of all-time Black Panther. Previously I told myself I wasn’t going to rush and watch the movie, in part due to the obscene amount of hype it has received thus far. The other reason was because I felt it was not worth the price of admission.

And of course I was right. And why do I feel this way, you ask?

I certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that I don’t need to be entertained like I’m a child (why do we feel the need to still be entertained, fam? why are we STILL exhibiting childlike behavior?)  Maybe I’m in a different space mentally and spiritually right now. Maybe I’ve separated myself from the pack to the point that simple pleasures such as observing Black-African cultural symbolism in a positive light on a stupid 2-D screen does not even move me anymore.

Leave it to Disney (yuck!) to get us to feel good about being Black!

I’m through with all of the faux symbolism and feel-good stories we see in fantasy TV-land that we cannot seem to figure out as people to actualize in our REAL LIVES.

Sometimes I wonder when that time will come when we will cease to decode and analyze the foolishness that is thrown to us by the powers-that-be and begin to apply that knowledge in reality. For those of us who are NOT caught up in that entertainment mentality, how many more movies do we have to study and breakdown before we get the picture and make the changes that we need to change?

I’m not excluded from that question. I’m holding myself accountable as well.

Do we really get what’s going on? Or are we feeling special because we know a little something something?

Now don’t get me wrong, for the majority of our people who are literally SPIRITUALLY DEAD there is obviously a need to do such a thing.  But I’ve realized awhile ago that a individual’s return to consciousness (whether they’re  melanin-rich or not) should be left to them and them only. At some point, for the few of us who are privy to the madness, we may have to shun DEAD WEIGHT until it decides to LIVE AGAIN, so we can do real work.

I mean, there is no way The Black Panther should be the cultural phenomenon  that it is amongst our people. A superhero movie? REALLY?!

There may be one truth that I’ve learned from the movie (or rather reinforced since I’ve been feeling this way for a awhile now) and the hoopla that surrounds it, and that is this:

The greatest trick ever pulled by an oppressor to the oppressed is to have them think they’re oppressed in the first place. “

Once you know who you are and where you come from, you cease to be a victim no matter the circumstances.

Learn your history, fam. Preferably through a book performed through intense research and scholarship (don’t get stuck on white-man validation, either) and not some damn fantasy flick.


FUCK BLACK PANTHER! There, I said it.




Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanin Man

“Ignorance is NOT bliss. Willful ignorance breeds COWARDS to responsibility.”







6 thoughts on “Having a Moment: The Black Panther and breaking away from decoding/analyzing the movies of our enemies

  1. Strong words from my man MM! I feel you though. It’s so weird you posted this. Just last Friday a good friend of mine was just saying the same thing. He and I were having lunch and we discussed the significance of Black Panther. This is a man who has lots of books on African culture,Black history,Moorish science and metaphysics. He’s one of the few people I can talk to that truly understands the matrix we’re in. He told me that loved that people went to the film wearing dashikis and head wraps. He said white folks dress like Chewbacca at Star Wars premieres. Which is a good point. But then he goes on to say that it’s fine to decode films but..are they teaching black children the message? Are they teaching them the CIA has not been a friend to black progressive movements? Are they telling the children that accepting oppression is not a good idea? And I agree with him 1000%!
    This is why I feel that knowing your history is very important. Were there hidden messages in the film? Of course there were. Small things and huge messages as well. Small things like the character Nakia wearing the color green throughout the film. You would have to know the color green is the heart chakra. Since she was T Challa’s love interest it makes since. So I’m not tripping if people don’t know the chakra colors. That’s no big deal. I’m more concerned with this other bigger issues that propaganda spewed out.
    1. The CIA is your friend.
    2. Don’t try to unite with others in the African diaspora.
    3. Just accept your oppression as reality. Don’t resist unrighteousness.
    4. Work with other European nations and share your resources.
    5. Other blacks are your real enemy( tribal fighting scene)
    Nothing wrong with having pride in your people and culture. And I understand everyone wants to see a representation of themselves. This is why so many white woman loved Wonder Woman. I get it. But we as black adults should not let a racist corporation like Disney brainwashing our children like this. And I can’t believe I’ve even seen so-called “conscious” black people saying this is a great film. It’s great as far as the acting and the scenery. But I think our people are blinded by the fact they’re seeing so many black people in the film. It’s white ideology wrapped in African clothing. It’s like Adolf Hitler wearing a dashiki. So I definitely hear where you’re coming from MM. I understand your frustration. Nothing wrong with decoding a film. It’s what you do AFTER you decode it. We have to let other people understand the deception in these films. The images enter the subconscious mind and doesn’t know the difference between the real and unreal. The subconscious mind believes anything it sees whether it’s logical or not. That’s why they are NOT just films. It’s another form of mind control. And since many people don’t read books anymore ..films are their education. Which is a very scary thought! People like you and me can watch Black Panther,leave the theater and go to sleep. Other people were asleep when they watched the film and just went into a deeper coma. We have to do everything we can to change that.

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    • Me and you are on the same page, brother! I just want our folks to strive for more than what we are given by the people who are trying to destroy us. And I wish people stop depending on the freaking TV screen to educate themselves. But I can’t make people do what they don’t want to do for themselves. I have to remind myself of that all the time. I do my best to just share information and share my own life experiences. Hopefully there will be a connection. I won’t be discouraged though if there’s not. Gotta keep pressing on, KP!

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  2. This is the “sub-system” of psychological programming, is the reaction that the conscious community had over the film. The reaction itself shows the little that is able to be accomplished, to me, this may be the same as what the Indo-Europeans did with melanated spiritual systems; they were not able to conceive the higher things. So with that they base human standards as their god, and then society as a whole, follows that standard. The power of Hollywood aimed directly at melanated consciousness with that film, and it sickened me to see so many “break it down” for “hits of relevancy”. Baba Phil put my words over the last 4 years to the faces of those who are studying so much. Nice post man…..

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