a repost: University segregates whites into separate room for “white privilege” indoctrination

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Image: University segregates whites into separate room for “white privilege” indoctrination

By J.D. Heyes

The atmosphere on many college campuses across the country today has become very tense. Much of what is happening has gone beyond the realm of “political correctness,” and instead has begun to lean towards truly insane.

Whether it’s the creation of “safe spaces,” where little snowflakes who can’t handle opposing political, social and religious viewpoints can go to ‘escape,’ or the creation of “gender-neutral” nonsensical language, or the violent attacks against free speech, the Marxist Leftists who run these asylums appear to be doing all they can to destroy the next generation.

As reported by Heat Street, now the issue of race and “white privilege” is being radicalized on some campuses, including Kennesaw State University in Georgia, which recently separated white students into one classroom while those who “identified” as a person of color into another.

The outrageous separation of students by their ethnicity came during an event last week regarding ‘privilege’ and interracial relations. (RELATED: The Anti-Free Speech Left Claims Another Victim – Or Not – As Ann Coulter Vows To Speak At Berkeley Despite Event Cancellation)

“The goal of the workshop, which was led by an outside expert, was to foster learning and create an environment of understanding and support for one another,” claimed Kennesaw State University spokeswoman Tammy DeMel. “Attendees were asked to work together and then were invited to join the group with which they identify.”

Incredibly, she then said that the event, held April 13, “is being mischaracterized” as forced segregation.

You gotta love the Marxist Left. They expect everyone to live in the same surreal world of denial they exist in.

The workshop’s title was equally surreal: “Being, Becoming and Fostering Allies: Building Relationships Across Privilege,” which was ‘taught’ by a pair of psychology professors and a graduate student from another bastion of Left-wing insanity, the University of Massachusetts, along with a KSU prof.

At the workshop, the students ostensibly were taught how to become an ally of the less privileged, in addition to “the essential roles of self-reflection, cultural humility, and re-engagement after failures.”

This garbage is just the latest attempt by the Left to denigrate white people at the expense of minorities. Over the last academic year, Heat Street noted, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of Michigan and Concordia University all underwent accusations of segregation after each held an event that divided participants by race or otherwise focused on one particular racial group – whites, mostly, and always in a nefarious manner.

That the goofball spokeswoman for Kennesaw wants you to believe something other than what was taking place is par for the course for the American academic Left. That this and previous “race-related” workshops having to do with “privilege” are not about singling out whites only for derision is laughable.

Consider the segregation exercise at Kennesaw; whites only (or those who “identified” as white) were all put into one room, while everyone else who identified as a different ethnicity was put into the other. The not-so-subtle message, once again, was: Whites only vs. all other minorities. (RELATED: Higher Education? Stanford Will Now Accept Students If They Scribble “Black Lives Matter” On Their College Application)

And just which ethnicity has been most associated with “privilege” recently – in academia, in the entertainment industry, in political circles and in cultural discussions?

Whites. If this kind of overt discriminatory activity was being directed at any other ethnic group, the Marxist Left would explode.

A cornerstone principle of Marxist “revolution” is to single out the enemy and attack them relentlessly, demonizing them with all sorts of absurd allegations. The American Left, with assistance from white apologists mostly in the Democratic Party, have decided the way forward for their “cause” is to blame all of society’s ills on the majority ethnic group.

3 thoughts on “a repost: University segregates whites into separate room for “white privilege” indoctrination

  1. Last year I had a Mexican coworker tell me he thought white privilege was a myth. He said it doesn’t exist at all. I laughed in his face. This shows me that other “people of color” usually side with whites. Whether they have melanin or not. They have drank the kool aid.lol But thanks for this post. It was an interesting read.

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