The Original Writer of The Matrix and The Terminator Is A Black Woman

Man oh man! I’m sure some of you have known about this for quite some time but it’s definitely news to me. I surely don’t want to become that person who believes that EVERYTHING was created and ultimately stolen from Blac…I’m sorry, Melanin-Dominant people. But the more I learn each day that’s the conclusion I’m coming to.

I shouldn’t be surprised at this point in the game that if you’re a Caucasia…oops, Melanin-Recessive individual, hailed as an master creator/innovator specifically in the entertainment industry, especially in HOLLYWEIRD, there should be an entire 52-story building dedicated for all sorts of doubt.

Just how much input did they have in the “masterpieces” they  produce?

The 99% of us don’t really know what going behind those scenes, behind those credits we see on the screen or even in written literature. We’re just believing the word of our Massa, the powers-that-be. Seems like everything we consume on the entertainment realm is a psyop.   Literally I can’t watch that idiot box anymore just for my entertainment, unless I’m decoding it, without having to go through a deprogramming ritual to rid myself of the madness.

But anyway, for those of you who may not know about this, this may capture your interest. Please read it:



Laurence Fishburne and Sophia Stewart It looks like ANOTHER example in a long, long history of WHITE THEFT of black intellectual property, which includes inventions, music, dance, and, yes, novels …

Source: The Original Writer of The Matrix and The Terminator Is A Black Woman

10 thoughts on “The Original Writer of The Matrix and The Terminator Is A Black Woman

  1. Did you hear about the Matrix reboot? They’re going to cast Michael B. Jordan as Neo. It’s kind of fitting since Wil Smith was supposed to play in it. But Smith turned it down. Do you think this will cause controversy with some matrix fans?


    • A reboot??? Less than twenty years old??? That lets me know Hollywood is joke, a psyop. Anyway, I don’t think it’s much to do about nothing. Hey Keanu Reeves sucks in acting and the movie still did well. So hey! The theme and storyline is all that matters right? If they change that then somethings up…hmmm.

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