5 thoughts on “Check this video out: Phil Valentine-The Truth about Trump vs. Hilary, Race Relations, and the plan for 2017

  1. Yeah that was a good video. I watched some of it a few days ago. Valentine always has some good information. I’ve followed him for years.He always knows to look beneath the surface when it comes to the mainstream media. He knows there are false flags and fake terrorism stories. Valentine was correct about the elections as well. Clinton and Trump are both self absorbed racists that will do nothing for black people. The media is coming out with all these sexual allegations against Trump to make Killary Clinton look better. And many black people will for it. Most the media is orchestrated and President is already (s)elected years in advance. Just like Valentine said about Obama. Obama was picked to pacify the negro masses…and it worked. Valentine was also correct about these slave films. When I heard that USA Today gave Birth of a Nation 4 stars I knew something was up. A film that is done accurate about Nat Turner should put fear in white folks! There’s no reason they should leave the theater feeling good about themselves. That’s how you know Nate Parker had to make a compromise to get the film made.
    A few things I heard about Birth of a Nation:
    1. I heard that the studio told him no white women or children could be killed. Keep in mind that Nate is married to a white women in real life.
    2. I heard he gave himself up to the slave patrol. This never happened. A total fabrication.
    3. A black boy snitched on Nat. Another bold face lie. This reinforces the belief that black people can’t trust one another.
    4. Nat Turner was a preacher and believed that God can forgive you. Well I heard in the film there was a pedophile that wanted to get baptized. None of the white preachers would do it because he molested children. But Nat said he would do it because God can forgive anyone. WTF?! They made Nat a pedophile sympathizer?? This is a slap in the face!!! The crazy part is they hang Nat but a pedophile can be forgiven. What’s the message? The message is saying that a black man fighting for his freedom is unforgivable and must be punished BUT a sick pedophile can be redeemed. I’m speechless. White supremacy has reached new heights.
    On a sidenote,do you have Valentines book Wounded Womb? It’s a very informative book! A must have for sure! Thanks for the video upload. Peace.

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    • Man that’s crazy on the movie. I was stuck on whether I was going to see it or not. But I changed my mine, I don’t have the energy for that bullshit…I want to get the wounded womb just kinda costly. Dr. Valentine is coming to Atlanta next weekend for a lecture and I’m glad to have a chance to hear him and get to gain some knowledge from him. I think it will be worth it.

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      • I hear the cinematography is really good in the film. And the acting is great. But you have to look at the overall message of the film. It’s just more mind programming on black people. The beatings,whippings d rapes are just too much after awhile. I think they are desensitizing us to seeing our selves treated like animals.
        I bought Wounded Womb about six years ago. Yeah most sites have it over $70. I bought from Lulu because I’ve wanted it for years. I rarely pay over $50 for a book unless I really want it. I had to have this one though. I wanted to see Valentine when he came out here in July but I couldn’t get the day off. I have some friends that went to his lecture though. They said it was very powerful and they had a good time. I’ll try to go next year but he doesn’t come to Cali very often. But I’ve been to a few lectures and met guys like Sara Suten Seti,Sabir Bey and Umar Johnson. I talked with Umar in the lobby for about five minutes before he did his lecture. He seemed like a pretty down to earth guy.
        Here’s the Lulu link:

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