a repost: Medical Doctors: Are They Killing Us?

I couldn’t have said this better myself. It’s true in every way imaginable. Your health is YOUR responsibility. Who knows YOU better than YOURSELF?

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You are sick so you go to the doctor, right? That is what most of us have been programmed to think and do and I once thought that way until I woke up. Certainly he/she is a healthcare professional who will have the answers to make you well, right? Because you are not a medical doctor yourself, you have no choice but to go to a medical doctor for help, right? He or she knows what is best for you, has your health as his/her primary focus and he/she is up to date on all the latest cures, treatments and procedures, right? The doctor will surely tell you everything you need to know and do, right? Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

While medical doctors have their place or role in society, these roles are not what you have been programmed to think they are. There are many good doctors but even the good ones have been taught and programmed by an industry set up to make money and treat people instead of curing them – and your doctor knows this is true. So if you are comfortable with the doctor thinking for you, wake up and realize your body and your health are your primary responsibility, not his. Let’s take a look at the assumptions I just stated and why it is a bad idea for you to make them.

FDA finally admits arsenic is on 70% of our chicken – and arsenic (rat poison) causes cancer. http://www.natural.news/2016-01-21-after-contaminating-u-s-chicken-with-arsenic-for-more-than-65-years-fda-finally-phases-out-last-arsenic-based-drug-used-in-animal-feed.html

First of all, no matter how effectively they use labels, your doctor is not a total healthcare professional. Total health involves areas he or she is not generally trained in. These include mental health, spiritual health, lifestyle, nutritional and personal fitness. All of these are connected and they are just as important as your medical health. Yet the doctor is not likely to be a specialist on any of them. If you are counting on your doctor to tell you what to eat for your health, you need to be speaking to a nutritionist or a dietitian. If you are expecting the doctor to address your mental or spiritual health, you are barking up the wrong tree. If you are expecting the doctor to address your fitness, you need to be evaluating by and following the guidance of a personal trainer. My point is simply that the doctor is not the all-in-one solution that many people think he is.

Do you want to argue with this report about medical doctors? Then swallow this, the FDA knew about rat poison (arsenic) in chicken causing cancer for over 60 years but they allowed it. And if they knew it, you better believe your doctor knew it too. But did he or she warn you, tell you to stop eating the chicken with arsenic or even give you healthy alternatives? No, he or she didn’t. Doctors know where cancer and other diseases are coming from but they are not warning you what to stay away from. Why not? Because their industry makes money by treating you when you get sick, not by keeping you cured and well. Wake up. STOP EATING CHICKEN unless it is certified organic. But it will be much more expensive. http://www.healthy-holistic-living.com/fda-finally-admits-chicken-meat-contains-cancer-causing-arsenic.html

Medical doctors knew about the toxic pesticides and insecticides on your fruits and vegetables and trapped onto your apples by the wax coating but they said nothing. Medical doctors knew about the sulfur dioxide (poison when in gaseous form) sprayed on your dried prunes and apricots and the nitrogen sprayed on meats in the grocery store, but they said nothing. Medical doctors knew about the dangers of genetically modified foods, growth hormones and a ton of poison chemicals in the processed foods we buy, but how many of them did they tell you to stop eating? Medical doctors knew there was no real flu pandemic and that people who did not get the flu shot were not catching the flu any more than those who did. Yet they kept pushing the flu vaccine then suddenly the so called “pandemic” mysteriously disappeared. Medical doctors know a shot can kill you at a much greater risk than a pill containing the same medicine, yet they push the shot packaged with excuses. You are trusting your life and health to someone whose profession does not even require him to tell you about the dangerous side effects of the poison prescription he gives you. Are we are supposed to blindly trust medical doctors? Wake up.

So what is the actual purpose of a medical doctor? I suggest you answer that question by observing what they do, not by what they say they are in place to do. Clearly more than ever before, actions speak louder than words. Medical doctors examine patients, make diagnoses, prescribe toxic pharmaceutical drugs and cut on you (if they are surgeons) usually in an attempt to treat (not cure) the part of the problem they can address. Do they address the whole person and all the factors connected to your problem? No, they do not nor have they been trained to do so. Doctors have their place but let’s be honest and realistic about what that place actually is once we pull the blanket off.

Even if you have a great medical doctor, he or she answers to an industry, a Medical Licensing Board, a hospital and/or a malpractice insurance company before answering to you. Each of these groups has standards, agendas, expectations and requirements that may not allow you to be the top priority.

Ask any honest pharmacist and he/she will tell you they take classes in toxicology and how to offset the poisons they are giving you which are prescribed by the doctor. Yes poisons. The reason there are so many potential side effects to the prescriptions the doctor gives you is because many of the ingredients in the drugs are not natural, thus your body is fighting against and rejecting them. We have become so used to accepting side effects that we do not even realize we are being poisoned in one area while we are being promised the medication will help in another. There are two ironies here. The first is that the prescription drug is hardly ever a cure, but rather a toxin that tricks your body and brain into forgetting the problem.

The second irony is that the medication can potentially cause worse conditions that the condition you are fighting in the first place. Listen to the side effects of prescription drugs advertised on television – death, heart problems, kidney failure, immune system retardation, strokes, liver problems, cancer and other “side effects” But many of you take the risk because your doctor recommended it. Wake up. Recently a medical professional told me “that side effect can happen but only in rare cases“. My response to her was this. What if I give you a jar of one thousand jelly beans but one contains cyanide poison, would you like a jelly bean? She said no. When I asked her why she said she might get the poison jelly bean. My response was that she only had one chance in a thousand of that happening. But she did not want to take the risk. So I ask you, why take the risk with many of these prescription toxic drugs?

Some of what you want to believe or accept as the doctor’s human error may not in fact be human error at all. It may be the requirements of his or her industry. Look up “Eugenics“.

Before we get to the next false assumption most people make about doctors, I need to tell you something about your body. The body was created as a self-healing organism unless one of three things happens. The first is when your body is too damaged to repair itself such as from a major car accident, a gunshot wound or a severed limb. The second is when something artificial is repeatedly attacking and blocking your body’s ability to repair or heal itself. These can be pesticides, insecticides, growth hormones (or GMOs) or preservatives, to name a few. In fact the FDA, for example, finally admitted that over 70% of the chicken bought in our stores contains arsenic. They know it and they allow it. What is arsenic? It is rat poison, pure and simple. Do your research. The third thing that happens to block our body’s self-healing ability is the breakdown of our bodies as we get older, out of shape or inflict damages on our own bodies. Just as in a car, parts wear out and nothing last forever. We were not built to last forever either but we can last a lot longer if we do not weaken and destroy our own bodies with fast food, processed food, drugs, marijuana, cigarettes, alcohol, obesity, laziness, stress and sexually transmitted diseases.

A doctor’s results vary based on his knowledge base, available resources, motivation, priorities and you, the patient. A doctor who helped your mother may or may not be able to help you.

Regarding the next assumption, most people believe the doctor has the solutions, he will tell you all of them and his primary objective is your A-1 health. Let’s tackle these one by one. First of all, the doctor is a human being and subject to error. In fact John’s Hopkins released a report recently that strongly suggests the third leading cause of deaths in this country is due to DOCTOR ERROR. Secondly all doctors are not completely up to date on treatments, tests and cures because some doctors do more reading and research than others. How would you know how up to date your doctor is?

Assuming that he or she is does not make it true. And don’t you find it odd that doctors spend so much time on treating the symptoms than they do on curing the problem? This is not coincidence. If doctors pumped out cures like they write toxic prescriptions, they would cure themselves right out of a job – and the medical industry is not about to do that. Look at cancer treatment. We can clone a sheep and send people to Mars but doctors still use poison radiation that kills both cancerous and healthy cells. Really?

Finally, if you believe the doctor will tell you everything you need to know, think about the last time your doctor told you about all the side effects of the medicine he or she prescribed or all the risks involved in the test you were scheduled for. Did the doctor tell you, did you have to research it for yourself or did none of this occur to you? The doctor does not know everything you need to know because some of what you need may be from a nutritionist, an herbalist, a spiritual leader, a psychologist, a wellness coach (for lifestyle changes) or even a personal trainer (such as in cases of obesity). Doctors have the equipment to run all types of tests but not the ability to fix every type of problem. The sooner you realize that, the better off you may be because specialists in each unique profession are trained for what they do, not for what someone else should do.

It’s your body so it’s your primarily responsibility. The doctor’s primarily responsibility is to his or her family and to honor that responsibility, he or she must be loyal to the medical industry, not to you. A doctor also cannot tell you what he/she does not know. Even if he or she could, that does not mean he or she would. We have to wonder about the medical symbol of two serpents wrapped around a staff (the Caduceus) and how such a mythological symbol of a “messenger from the gods” can be used for an industry that prescribes poison, treats instead of cures and gives the best care to those with the most money or the best insurance. Does any of this represent the “message of the gods“?

So what then can a person do? Think for yourself. Ask your doctor the right questions. Inquire about side effects before you take the pill or the shot. Asks about risks before you go in for the scheduled medical test. Research on the internet because it has made the world of cures, treatments and breakthrough procedures an open book. Look for natural remedies, homeopathic methods and alternative solutions. Go to the right person who has expertise in the right area. Exercise. Lose the weight.

Read the labels on what you buy and know what the chemicals are. Cook at home more. Stay away from pharmaceutical drugs as much as possible. Stop eating processed foods. You are what you eat. It will cost you more money to eat healthy but it may just save your life. Find ways to reduce your stress. Select and take a good vitamin supplement. Drink alkaline water with a high PH level, not the purified junk water sold in your local grocery store. All water is not created equal so know what you are getting.

Address every area of your being – mentally, physically and spiritually. Am I a doctor? No, but I want us both to live the best quality of life experience possible. Your medical doctor might not be intending to kill you, but the same cannot be said of the industry he serves and gives his allegiance to. And he is likely doing exactly what his industry does. Discuss this article with your doctor or friends and family in the medical field. Their reactions will tell you a lot. Listen to their comments and watch their facial expressions. So I say strongly, it’s not up to the doctor, your life and health are up to you.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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