A Reblog: Hillary Clinton: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Hillary Clinton: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Submitted by Solomon Comissiong on Tue, 06/14/2016 – 19:01

by Solomon Comissiong

If Trump is the “Boogey Man,” then Hillary Clinton is evil in 3D.”

The 2016 (s) election season continues to travel around, much like a traveling circus replete with a xenophobic clown and a wicked witch. What’s more pathetic than this fact, is the fact that there are millions upon millions of people supporting these two candidates. The United States electoral season may be a sham and a joke, however what does that tell any intellectually honest person about the followers that vote for these candidates?

Donald Trump (the xenophobic clown) has a large following of racist white nationalists who crawled out from under their slimy rocks the moment he began spewing his racist rhetoric. He was like the pied piper for racists. However, make no bones about it, these people were racist and xenophobic a long time before Trump came on to the scene. They are hoping that a Trump presidency would bring about a return to some of this country’s more white supremacist policies of years past. Many of Trump’s supporters would like to see an updated “Jim Crow” for the new millennium. This is perhaps what they envision when they hear Donald Trump say, “Make America great again…” However, Hillary Clinton’s supporters are a menagerie of the misguided, in combination with the white liberals who embrace their race-based privilege.

“Many of Trump’s supporters would like to see an updated ‘Jim Crow’ for the new millennium.”

For those who truly believe Hillary Clinton is a candidate committed to bringing about peace and diplomacy–think again. If you believe the Democratic Party is a party of peace and progressive change–think again. If you wish to vote for someone evil who adores war and destroying human life, by way of wars of aggression, then Hillary Clinton is your candidate.

Hillary Clinton was one of the biggest orchestrators of the vicious bombing campaign and war on Libya. She, like Barack Obama, knew exactly what they were doing when they ordered airstrikes on Libya and supported the CIA financing the terrorist rebels on the ground. It was these same terrorist that massacred supporters of Gaddafi, including many black Africans. She is the witch who cackled upon hearing the news Muammar Gaddafi was brutally murdered by those terrorist rebels that the US government supported and financed.

Hillary Clinton instinctively voted for the imperialist war in Iraq. She spoke of the option of potentially bombing Iran. She has played a significant role in the continuation of Haiti being used as a sweatshop for Wall Street and US finance capital. She supported her husband’s move to complete a coup that overthrew the democratically elected president of Haiti, Jean Bertrand Aristide.

“Do not vote for her simply because you think she is a better option than the white supremacist, Donald Trump.”

Hillary Clinton is also the same vile human that referred to African American youth as “Super Predators.” Her mantra should be, “something wicked this way comes…” Do not vote for her simply because you think she is a better option than the white supremacist, Donald Trump. Do not vote for her because you believe she is the lesser of two evils…she is evil, plain and simple. She has a forked-tongue, from which she consistently spews forth lies and deceptions.

Hillary Clinton has done what many think Donald Trump might do as president. She has supported right wing deportation policies of immigrants south of the United States’ manufactured borders. She has started and supported imperialist military campaigns that have destroyed countless lives.

If Trump is the “Boogey Man,” then Hillary Clinton is evil in 3D. She is real and her actions are wicked. Do not vote for her simply because she is a woman. There have been many evil women throughout history, just as there have been evil and wicked men. She is not pro-woman. She is a pro-white elitist woman. Think about the masses of women her polices have destroyed in places like Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. What about them, or does it make some people happy to say they voted for a woman regardless of her policies? Many made the same mistake in voting for Obama, thinking he was “change you can believe in.” Instead, his slogan should have been, “beliefs you can change.” He bombed at least six countries during his presidency and executed (pun not intended) a deadly drone policy on a massive scale, much more effective than George W. Bush’s.

“She is not pro-woman. She is a pro-white elitist woman.”

Vote for neither Hillary Clinton nor Trump. Do not vote because you are scared of the other candidate. Act and/or vote your conscience. If you seek peace and a better society within the USA, and globally, then that will not come about by voting for either Trump or Clinton. It would be far better to abstain from voting than to live with the fact that you voted for someone hell-bent on destroying human life.

Consider voting for the Green Party or support truly revolutionary candidates who are not only pro-peace but are anti-war. Vote for candidates that are about revolutionary and progressive change. Help support or start movements aimed at ensuring that the next generations inherit a much better society, one predicated on peace, justice, equity and humanitarian values.

Solomon Comissiong (www.solomoncomissiong.com) is an educator, activist, author, and Founder of the Your World News Media Collective (www.yourworldnews.org). Solomon is the author of A Hip Hop Activist Speaks Out on Social Issues. Solomon is also the writer and producer of the documentary, Hip Hop, White Supremacy & Capitalism: Why Corporations Infiltrated RAP Music. He can be reached at: solo@yourworldnews.org

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