Food for Thought: Foods in Season




From the Melanated Man:

(I know…ANOTHER food post…)

Recently I started my own vegetable garden. Very interesting experience I can tell you that. And fun as well. I put down some squash, zucchini, corn, Swiss chard, field peas (black-eyed peas), watermelon, cantaloupe, and some herbs and spices. These crops are best suited to grow this time of year; obviously these are the crops that will have ALL the nutrients that it needs, are fully matured, and will more than likely become RIPE aka sweet.

There are crops that are suited best for fall and winter harvest (most of your green veggies) and there are crops that are best suited for spring and summer harvest (most of your fruits.)

So my question is how in the HELL are grocery stores and farmer’s markets able to sell food that is NOT IN SEASON?

The quick answer would be that these crops were probably imported from other parts of the United States and/or from countries within the Southern Hemisphere, which experience seasons in reverse to those in the Northern Hemisphere. Which makes sense…

But what is the consequences of eating crops in an ENVIRONMENT that is not fit to yield that crop during the time when it’s NOT IN SEASON THERE?

What are the effects to the BODY, MIND, and SOUL that occurs when this takes place?

Will you able to get ALL of the benefits of the crops during that time?

When it comes to BUYING produce from third parties instead of self-gardening, we figure that if it’s available and we have a taste for it at that particular moment, what harm will come to us besides PESTICIDES and/or GMOs?

It’s FRESH PRODUCE, and we need our FRUITS and VEGETABLES, right? That’s what I’ve been preaching, right?

There is a possibility that certain produce are NOT to be consumed during certain times of the year depending on where you are on the planet.

It may not kill you, but it also may not benefit you as well.

Something to think about.








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