Food for Thought: Making a Correlation Between the Real World and “Theme Parks”

From the Melanated Man:


Been on hiatus for a week due to reasons obvious to those who know me personally (lol.) I should be on hiatus STILL; trying to get my bearings back up to speed. I didn’t want get too rusty though.

Today I’m going straight to the point. Here goes.


We’ve all been to theme parks, county fairs, circuses, etc., right?

We ride the rides, play the games, watch various shows and demonstrations, AND eat the high priced food that is offered as well.

First we pay an ENTRANCE FEE to enter  and in SOME INSTANCES we have to pay for the activities BEFORE we can participate.

We BUY into this REALITY or SYSTEM (what a double whammy, huh?)

All for our ENJOYMENT.

Does this sound like everyday life to you?

It does to me.


If you think about the obvious connection through *entertainment, we pay for our:

-Cable TV, online video games, gambling, etc.

-Music concerts, comedy shows, sports events, movies, etc.,

-Dinner at fancy and semi-fancy restaurants, hanging at clubs and lounges, etc…

The list goes on and on.

AND we don’t spend arcade or Chuck E. Cheese  coins on this MADNESS, we use our hard-earned money (*is there really a difference between the two?)



This sort of behavior applies to the more mundane things such as:

-Paying your regular bills (*when did cell phones become a utility?),

-Paying for groceries that are 99.9% likely to KILL YOU SOFTLY than sustain you,

-Paying for that 5-bed 4-bathroom “mansion” with a white picket fence,

-Paying for that luxury vehicle (or your regular minivan) you drive to work to keep up appearances,

-Paying your kids’ indoctrination,sorry I mean college tuition, as well as the many loans you took out to pay for YOURS from 15-20 years ago!!!


Again…the list goes on and on!


AND…For what?

To keep up with the Joneses?

Have we been so drugged down with so much UNNATURAL FOOD, *DEADLY MEDICATIONS, and *FALSE RELIGION to escape this circus?

Are we too AFRAID to walk our OWN path, BLACK PEOPLE?

One would THINK  we would at some point want to leave the circus or theme park or whatever.


Or more aptly, the PLANTATION!


We should OUTGROW these devices, put our childish things away, and grow the FUCK up!

Learn how to take care of OURSELVES and get past the *LOW-VIBRATION activities concerning ENTERTAINMENT.


But we are FAR from that. Still we are consumed with a CHILD’s mindset.


And the funny thing is we are SUBCONCIOUSLY teaching our kids this pattern of behavior.


(Don’t worry, I’m guilty as well.)


Think about that the next time you take your kids to Chuck E. Cheese or Dave and Busters!



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man


*Future post

2 thoughts on “Food for Thought: Making a Correlation Between the Real World and “Theme Parks”

  1. We have no doubt been conditioned. “Family time” means spending 1000s at Disneyworld or $100 for a night at the movies. I’m very appreciative of words like this [and my wonderful nephew] for reminding me of the parent I want to become and the parent I definitely do NOT want to be.

    Growing up, we played outside so much, made up ghost stories and read books to each other for fun. The most luxurious things we could afford to do was a beach/pool day or a road trip. The circus, theme parks and eating out at restaurants were very rare and special treats. I definitely want my kids to understand and appreciate the little things so they don’t grow up to be droned out, shallow adults.

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