Food for Thought: What’s the true purpose of a mosquito?




From the Melanated Man:


Well Spring has come. Warm weather is FINALLY here. The flowers are blooming and the best friend (THE SUN!) is shining brighter than ever. And of course, my least favorite friend (MOSQUITOES!) are out terrorizing the masses.

If you like mosquitoes raise your hand…

I’m waiting…

Yeah I figured.

The other day I had a thought. A very RANDOM thought.

I wondered why God the Creator would create such a thing that brings so much pain to people. Everything on this planet HAS A PURPOSE!

And the Creator brought forth the mosquito for a reason.

Now if you believe that the mosquito’s purpose is to bring forth the Zika virus of the infamous West Nile Virus then I have some beachfront property in South Dakota that I want to sell you.

These “viruses” were probably concocted by the-powers-that-be in some lab just like *HIV, AIDS, syphilis, H1N1, or anything else that is not NATURAL to our bodies or this planet.

But I digress.

I have a thought of WHAT ACTUALLY transpires during a mosquito bite. Of course you know the mosquito is sucking your blood from your blood vessel, where its saliva creates a reaction with your skin creating a small rash, or bite mark.

I believe the mosquito is sucking toxins and other contaminants from your blood from the things you may have consumed through eating, drinking, and BREATHING.Β That’s my theory.

If all things created by the Creator are GOOD, then the theory would make sense. To help us in our ignorance concerning our consumption, the Creator assists us in one of his or her MANY WAYS by creating the mosquito to remove the undesirables from our bodies when we are unaware of them.

Or…they could just be blood-sucking leeches (who are KNOWN for sucking toxins from the blood) feeding for their own survival. I’m not sure.

But before you put some ARTIFICIAL chemical-infested OFF! on your skin (which you SHOULD know is toxic to your body) to kill God’s creation, think about that mosquito’s purpose and whether it’s actually benefiting you to take that bite like a MAN…

…or WOMAN!




Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man


*Future post

7 thoughts on “Food for Thought: What’s the true purpose of a mosquito?

  1. mosquitoes are nothing but parasites, period, just like fleas, just like ticks, just like lampreys and leeches… if I were to buy in to this theory of yours then maybe when the rainy season comes, I will find a pond with some leeches and jump right in and bask for a good day or two, then I will call you when I am dead from massive blood loss. Also if everything the creator made was good, then maybe you wouldn’t mind getting bitten by a venomous snake, or going to cuddle a lion or tiger…. just saying……….


    • It’s a thought. That’s why it’s random…if I were to invade a snakes or lions territory then I could see them biting me. So my question would be what’s the need for parasites then? There’s a purpose.


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