Introduction to Metaphysics




From the Melanated Man:


What is Metaphysics:

(Definition from

-the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.

-abstract theory or talk with no basis in reality.

In layman’s terms, metaphysics is the study of the unseen and unknown. It is what some religious and spiritual believers would call faith, which is 0.1% true. It involves those things that go beyond our three (3) dimensional reality. We are influenced by the unseen (dark matter!!) everyday, through our thoughts and beliefs in everyday living and life in general. Everything we create, build, and produce comes from abstract thought. Our enlightenment is influenced by the metaphysical world. Those with a high concentration of melanin can tap into the metaphysical realm, beyond the current 3D reality, at a deeper level than everybody else. Hence, the importance of melanin.

How else do you explain practices like voodoo, tarot card readings, psychics, etc. Oh, I forgot, that is ludicrous. Who would believe that nonsense? Well they are making money so it must be some truth to it (or people are disparate, right?) You can play on the emotions of others to steal a dollar from the unknowing sheep, but in my opinion, the science is valid.

You have to learn the information for yourself so you won’t be tricked. Have the mindset of “always asking questions.” That is how you learn metaphysics, or anything that MATTERS. Metaphysics is rarely found in the educational realm, so you have to dig deep for the information. A simple Google search will give you basic information regarding the subject. You can also start with cosmology and astronomy, which both topics will receive a post at some point. Cosmology and Astronomy are mocked by the general population, but for those in the know, it is very important into understanding  metaphysics and how things operate in the universe.

Remember, learning goes beyond the doors of the schoolhouse and pages of a textbook given to us by the powers that be. Become a life-long learner. Always ask questions. Expand your mind. FREE YOUR MIND!!! That is the greatest advice I can give anyone. Let’s learn some METAPHYSICS!


Peace and Love from the Melanated Man…


ED vs EL, Reblog: Can you trust the PLU Code???

I tried this out the other day at the grocery store and I think at has truth to it. The organic produce had the 5-digit numbers with nine as the first digit; zero was included in most of the regular produce PLU codes. With the fruit I would take it a step further and check to see if the seeds are in the fruit. No seeds, it’s GMO.

Have You Ever Noticed The Stickers With Numbers On Them At Grocery Store? THIS Is What They Mean

Most people don’t think much about the little stickers that sometimes come on the fruits and vegetables they buy at the grocery store. The pesky round stickers always have a couple of numbers on them and despite what many people think, they aren’t there to simply annoy us. The numbers are an items Price Look-Up (PLU) code, which are used and placed on unprocessed, fresh produce. Grocery stores and supermarkets use these codes to keep track of inventory and to speed up, streamline, and improve check-out times. The stickers and numbers readily identify the type of produce, commodity, variety, and how it was grown, thus eliminating the human error involved in cashiers guessing what specific type of produce an item may be.

Not all fruits and vegetables are labeled with a PLU sticker since, at least in the US, the codes are optional and not required by law. However, the produce that do feature them can tell you a lot about how that item was grown and whether or not it was genetically modified, produced with fertilizers and herbicides, or organically grown. Here are the main things you should know:

– If a PLU code has only four numbers total or begins with a 0, it indicates the produce was conventionally, or traditionally, grown with the use of common pesticides. Since it’s established fact that there are known health risks associated with ingesting pesticides, and that they can accumulate in our bodies, the codes can help you avoid these types of produce. An example of this is that a Macoun apple that has been traditionally grown will bear a PLU code of 3073.

-If a PLU code has five total numbers and it begins with an 8, it indicates the produce was genetically modified (GMO). Basically anything that is grown from a genetically engineered seed falls under this category and is not organic or traditionally grown. According to the video and the Monsanto website, there are 8 commercially available GMO types of crops that include corn, cotton, soybeans, alfalfa, canola, sugar beets, squash, and papaya. However, since PLU codes are optional, many growers and suppliers purposefully don’t label their food because they know consumers will avoid anything labeled as GMO. For illustrative purposes, if you were to ever see a label with an 8 it’d look like this; 84011 for a genetically modified banana.

– If a PLU code has five total numbers and it begins with a 9, it indicates the produce was grown organically and is not genetically modified or engineered. Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without the use of any unnatural products like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, or synthetic fertilizers. Thus, they’re healthier and much better overall for our bodies, the earth and environment. Women who are pregnant and young, developing children may especially benefit from organic produce.

Furthermore, if you want to buy and eat only organic produce, look for items that are labeled as 100% organic and USDA certified. Food labeled as such cannot be produced from any type or form of genetically modified organism and the US government regulates the term strictly according to law. In comparison, some foods are labeled “GMO-free” and “non-GMO” but those terms are not set or regulated by any government body. Instead, groups of food companies form associations and they set the standards and regulate what qualifies as fitting under the label. Since their business and bottom line is profit-motivated, and non-GMO labeled food often sells for a higher amount, there has been problems with misleading labels in the past. In short, they simply cannot be relied upon, on their own, as being absolutely 100% non-GMO. When in doubt, look for a 5 digit PLU that starts with a number 9 and packaging that clearly states the product is labeled as USDA certified, 100% organic.


Words that start with EN: Enlighten

From the Melanated Man:



-to give (someone) greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation.

-to give (someone) spiritual knowledge or insight.


The etymology of the first two letters en means “in or within.” Light illuminates and brightens, just like consciousness. Inner light. So why does the Webster Dictionary define the word enlighten with “someone giving knowledge or insight to another?” The correct term would be “exlighten,” and as I type that word Spellcheck does not recognize it. Figures…damn English language. But I was enlightened to create a word that makes sense according to the definition that is widely assumed by the sheep, or the unconscious.

To be enlightened is to be illuminated from within. To gain spiritual knowledge from within. To gain understanding from within. And how do you gain the knowledge? Having a connection with the Creator and respecting the world outside and inside yourself. We become the producers of our reality.

You can’t gain KNOWLEDGE from within when there is chaos within your universe. Unhealthy appetites ranging from denatured, refined, and genetically-modified foods; illegal  and legal drugs; and federal-authorized vaccines. We are destroying the temple God gave us, yet we still pray asking for a healing and a miracle. The games we play with ourselves.

Let’s gain the ENLIGHTENMENT that we have been seeking day and night for by taking care of ourselves, the right way! God gave us everything we need to live this life. Don’t abuse it.


Be Blessed Melanated Family!!




An Introduction to Melanin

From the Melanated Man:


Most of my audience on this young blog have passing knowledge of what melanin is. I am still learning about it myself. I do know that it is more than what they taught us in school. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember melanin being mentioned in ANY of my science courses throughout my 18 years of indoctrination ( grade school, high school, college.) But melanin is the reason for our existence on this planet, and why black people are the most valuable mammals on the planet:

Definition of Melanin:

“Melanin is a complex polymer derived from the amino acid tyrosine. Melanin is responsible for determining skin and hair color and is present in the skin to varying degrees, depending on how much a population has been exposed to the sun historically.”

Melanin can also be found in:



-nervous system (neuromelanin)

– endocrine system (hormones)




-Reproductive and digestive system.

Melanin is the vital chemical that creates life. There are many characteristics of melanin listed below:

-Flexible like plastic

-Can resemble a cloud, gas, wood, metal or liquid and takes on many forms without losing structure.

-Heat resistant, can endure temperatures of 1225 degrees Fahrenheit

-Has a pleasant odor, resists X-ray diffraction

Can resist strong acids and alkaline.

Melanin can absorb all types of energy such as sunlight, electromagnetic, music heard and unheard by the ears, phone waves, radio waves, radar, computer radiation, X-ray, cosmic rays, ultraviolet rays, heat waves, microwaves, and much more. Also, melanin uses the energy in the total environment such as water, earth, moon, sun, the galaxy, planet cycles, and mineral cycles. As a matter of fact, melanin can be found in the environment: springs, lakes, soil, plants, atmosphere and animals.

BLACK PEOPLE HAVE THE HIGHEST CONCENTRATION OF MELANIN ON EARTH! Which makes us the most natural beings to this planet! We are connected to nature and the universe in a way that Caucasians can never be. Or any other people for that matter. Unfortunately the majority of us are ignorant to this knowledge. We have to harness this knowledge and regain our rightful place on this planet. Extinction is imminent.

It is said that outer space is made up of dark matter; melanin is dark matter.

“In the beginning God created the heave and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said let there be light; and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness.”

Genesis 1:1-4

We have only just begun…



References: Afrika, Llaila; Melanin: What Makes Black People Black!; Copyright 2009

Moore, T. Owens; The Science and Myth of Melanin: Dispelling the Rumors Exposing the Facts; Copyright 1995






In Relation to Kendrick Lamar…

From the Melanated Man:

(If you have not noticed, I did not mention Beyoncé’s video or her Super Bowl performance, and I did watch those two “productions.”  The only reason I watched is because I cohabitate (sarcasm) with a certain Beyoncé fanatic and she loves everything sold to her by the Beyoncé brand.  Personally, I find Kendrick’s intentions sincere, unlike the fabulous Beyoncé. And plus there were many others who articulated that point already on other platforms, like the article listed below.)


How the Corporate Media Uses Beyoncé to Co-opt the Black Radical Movement

by Reggie E. and edited by Danny Haiphong

“Black capitalism fights to break down the barriers of institutional racism only to ally with the Empire and reap the benefits of the capitalist system responsible for Black oppression.”

Art is a powerful tool in the fight against US capitalism and white supremacy. It has the power to unleash the narrative of the oppressed and express how the system affects the people on a spiritual level. Artistic expression provides a space to be explicit – a space to be critical. Music, in particular, has been used as a tool to spark radical thinking and organization in the struggle for justice. However, under capitalism, the power of art has also been co-opted by corporations for the purposes of profit and propaganda.

Beyoncé’s release of “Formation” has created much buzz both in the corporate media and amongst the masses. The song and the music video have been interpreted as political, radical even. Beyoncé’s latest work has been described as “subversive” and “unapologetically Black.” But from the authors’ perspective, Beyoncé appeared to be doing her usual self-exaltation by boasting of her financial gains and staying true to the neo-liberal feminist line she’s been employing as of late. Is the Destiny’s Child lead-turned-icon looking to cash in on the Black Lives Matter movement to promote her product and to announce her exceedingly expensive concert tour? Is it a coincidence that the song was released around the same time that her husband, capitalist mogul Jay-Z, revealed that Tidal would be investing $1.5 million to essentially co-opt BLM?  Neither the movement nor the media are asking these questions.

“The presence of Black women or Black people in the media and the love of one’s own natural hair will not, in and of itself, make us free.”


Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s “pro-Black” brand is just the rollout of their 2016 business plan.  And the plan is working. My peers and comrades, even those typically critical of the corporate media, praised Beyoncé’s recent work as brave and “woke. “ For some, the imagery of Beyoncé’s daughter sporting her natural hair was enough, being that Beyoncé does not ordinarily exemplify or publicly model that aesthetic herself. To others, it was refreshing to see her celebrate her cultural roots, albeit superficially, with enticing props, scenes, and garments. Others pointed out that the imagery acknowledging police brutality (although they were seized from other artists in an imperialist fashion) carried a powerful statement.

The Obama era has been rife with symbolism. This development has caused great harm to the masses. The Obama period has shown that the presence of Black women or Black people in the media and the love of one’s own natural hair will not, in and of itself, make us free. No amount of costumes, Black Panther imagery, and perfectly synchronized dancing can veil the corporate media’s attempt to co-opt the bourgeoning movement with a Beyoncé song that is both anti-black liberation and counter-revolutionary.

Analysis of Formation

Beyoncé’s song Formation “slays” listeners with references to her personal successes within the entertainment industry – that is, her financial fortitude and celebrity. She concludes that gaining her level of riches and fame while being a Black woman (within a majority white space) makes her exceptional – that she is “winning” in the capitalistic game. She goes on encourages her listeners, black girls and women, to embrace individualism so they too can become as successful (rich) as she is:

Sometimes I go off, I go off

I go hard I go hard

Get what’s mine, take what’s mine

…or else, Black women and oppressed people will find themselves falling behind. In her own words,

Slay trick, or you get eliminated.”

Beyoncé demands that Black women take on the oppressor’s attitude.  Her definition of liberation is the embrace of capitalism and on being upwardly mobile within the system. Yet capitalism is the reason Black Americans have lost more ground economically than any other group since the 2008 economic crisis and why Black America is the most oppressed people in the US. As Audre Lorde notably said, “The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.”  The embrace of individualism will do nothing but strengthen a social system predicated on racial violence and capitalist greed. But don’t expect Beyoncé to understand this while popularizing the slogan “Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.”

“Her definition of liberation is the embrace of capitalism and on being upwardly mobile within the system.”

Beyoncé’s most loyal fans are Black women, yet she advises young black women to “stay gracious” and pious in the face of a system that is responsible for the violence imposed on them. She is suggesting that more money, not more resistance, is the best means to settle matters with a racist apparatus that is firmly in the hands of bankers and corporate executives who became rich from Black labor. Beyoncé hopes that we as black women will not confront the system and instead seek out a seat at the table of exploitation and capitalist ruin.

The young movement against racism and police violence in the US should reject such messages. These messages are not rooted in the history, theory, or revolutionary principles of the Black liberation movement. Rather, songs like “Formation” are just another attempt of many to wage war on Black radical political consciousness and organization. When they arise, we should condemn them. We should then follow the condemnation with these critical questions: What does liberation look like? What are we fighting for?

The only way the imagery within Beyoncé’s video could be deemed “radical” is if the scope of the movement is limited to a fight for Black representation within the capitalist system. The Black Panther Party called this development “Black capitalism.” Black capitalism fights to break down the barriers of institutional racism only to ally with the Empire and reap the benefits of the capitalist system responsible for Black oppression. Liberation is reduced to elevating a tiny minority of the Black community to class comfort. Solidarity is defined not as a struggle against a common oppressor, but as collaboration with the oppressor. These are the principles that guide the Black Congressional Caucus’s history of voting for the empowerment of the Israeli apartheid state and artists such as Jay-Z, whose recent fortunes have been derived from the gentrification of the Black community of Brooklyn.

“There is no market for being deeply critical of the system within the confines of the corporate media.”

The corporate hip-hop industry is one large market for capitalist principles, whether it is the patriarchy peddled by Kanye West and J. Cole or the “money is the motive” mindset of Drake. There is no market in this industry for radical black thought, self-love, and liberation. There is no market for being deeply critical of the system within the confines of the corporate media. There’s no space for indicting the system. One cannot fight the imperialist system and financially benefit from it. The corporate media simply won’t allow it.

There appears to be a layer of fear that protects Beyoncé from criticism despite her blatant exploitation of the bourgeoning movement. Many are hesitant due to her perceived social identity. Her status as a Black woman does not mean she is for the liberation of Black women. Just because her music is marketed and packaged to black people does not mean she is working in solidarity for radical change. Under capitalism, the masses are merely consumers to the vast majority of these corporate artists. Profit is their motivation. It is important to be critical of all corporate artists who attempt to co-opt the movement. How else can we move to a higher level of struggle and demand that icons and leaders uphold the ideology and practice of the movement?

If Beyoncé’s embrace of patriarchy is deemed feminist and her lust for money a model for Black liberation then we are in serious trouble.  Her target audience, young Black people, will internalize these principles as the correct path to social transformation. The revolution will not be televised, but the corporate media will certainly make it into a product. The courageous actions of thousands of Black people across the country have forced the corporate media to react. Thinking positively about this development is one thing, thinking critical about it another.

“If Beyoncé’s embrace of patriarchy is deemed feminist and her lust for money a model for Black liberation then we are in serious trouble.”

Beyoncé may very well be sincere in her love for her daughter, her yearning to get in touch with her cultural roots, and her sympathy towards victims of police brutality. However, no matter how “pro-Black” Beyoncé may be, the concrete political message in her music cannot be denied. “Formation” is not solidarity. It is individualism. Beyoncé pushes her listeners to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and work hard in a machine that has oppressed Black people for centuries.

Actual radical political thought and action would be class suicide for Beyoncé. Corporate entertainers are destined to serve the neo-liberal agenda of capitalism and white supremacy.  Her Super Bowl performance alone unleashed an attack from the right wing center of the US ruling class. But it appears Beyoncé may perform in the colonial state of Israel, which is ruled by its own band of right wing racists. Such a move alone, should it occur, calls into question the value of symbolism in this period.

This moment is a lesson to all of us fighting for a new world based on human need and against the exploitation of humanity. As an artist and a Black revolutionary woman, I have learned from this Beyoncé moment that art must be used to advance the struggle for liberation and be rooted in the actually existing conditions of our people. The expectation should not be for Beyoncé to commit class suicide, but for us in the movement to elevate our own political struggle into a culture of resistance that is surely in birth.

Reggie E is a black woman and an artist residing in the NYC area. She can be contacted at Danny Haiphong is an Asian activist and political analyst in the Boston area. He can be reached at


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The Follow-Up: Then a Thought Came to Me…

This is a follow-up to previous post: Where Do You Go From Here, Kendrick Lamar?

From the Melanated Man:

The suggestion I posed for rapper Kendrick Lamar was to remove himself from the limelight of the mainstream music industry and join the ranks of those on the grassroots level to perform real, social activism. If his message is truly transforming into a conscious tone, he will still be able to rap with the conscious rap genre.

A change of this magnitude, at a point where his status has “elevated,” would be groundbreaking and beneficial to the people he wishes to liberate (black, melanated people.) The change itself is not groundbreaking because there are other rappers and music artists in different genres that are doing the  works on the grassroots level already. The timing, as I mentioned previously, of the change would show the black world that he is just a common man like the rest of us. And it would hopefully set the standard for other big time black artists to do the same, which would be the true miracle in itself.

That would be revolutionary activism.  What if artists like Drake or even Future (seriously!) were to follow his lead? An artist who chose to give up the fame and fortune to live out his rhymes? THE CURRENT TOP DOG IN THE GAME??  Because Kendrick is only one man, he can’t do this on his own. Change is a collective effort. Which is an enemy to capitalism.

The industry will try to minimize the change, which they are currently doing by showering Kendrick with “awards.” After this time of glory, they are going to persuade him to lay off the black consciousness and revert back to previous albums, or better yet, pervert it with party music. There is nothing wrong with party music, but that is not Kendrick. Or so I think.

(And then a thought came to me…)

There is a  Catch-22 to this situation. If art imitates life, then I have to question the magnitude of Kendrick jumping ship. Honestly, would it really make that big of a difference considering who his audience is?

Whether we realize it or not, his message is only geared toward 10-15% of the current United States population. And of that population, it resonates with maybe 20-30%. Only a few truly desire liberation for themselves, let alone know what that truly means. And some really don’t give a damn. I think I am expecting a little too much from Kendrick Lamar.

The responsibility of our liberation falls on us. We have to be the change we seek to become, which in turn will influence the entertainers,the music artists, art in general. That is the only way. NO MORE TOP DOWN LEADERSHIP! We’ve seen how that has turned out….



Black, melanated people don’t understand what we are really up against and who we are fighting. We have to educate ourselves on our history, before slavery, to understand the type of people we really are. Our true nature has been corrupted by the powers that be. We MUST self-educate ourselves. Do we really truly desire our liberation. Or we talking out the side of our neck? Until then, let’s enjoy the “Three Ring Circus” of the music industry while it lasts. 





Food for Thought: “Elevate!”

elevate (verb) definition from

1. to move or raise to a higher place or position;

2. lift up, to raise to a higher state, rank, or office; exalt, promote;

3. to raise to a higher intellectual or spiritual level


From the Melanated Man:

I know a woman. She is 94 years old, the matriarch of her family. Beautiful family. She would tell her sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, and even great-grandsons and granddaughters that they should “elevate” themselves. I was thinking the other day how unique of encouragement that is to tell your loved ones. That a powerful statement! But I do have a couple questions:

-How can one person elevate themselves when they eat so much dead waste?

-How can a person elevate when their emotions and behavioral patterns mimic the dead mammals (MEAT) they partake of at the dinner table daily?

-How can a person elevate when they only use 10% of their brain (or so we have been told?)

-How can a person, who is black (melanated), think of elevating themselves when their spirituality is being abused by “religion?”

Just some food for thought…