Observations & Realizations from my Egyptian Excursion


From the Melanin Man:

To be quite honest, this trip in many ways was confirmation on a lot of thoughts I had prior to going. This was not a spiritual journey whatsoever. This was an opportunity to test everything that I’ve REMEMBERED since I’ve awaken from human psychosis. I can say with confidence that the trip to Egypt reassured me I’m heading down the right path.

Things I’ve realized:

Although modern Egypt infrastructure as a whole looks old, impoverished, decrepit and polluted, from my point of view it appears it doesn’t affect the esteem of the people. If that was the USA, the esteem of Americans would be greatly affected (as it stands, Americans’ esteem as a whole is extremely low already.)  I could sense that spirit of the Egyptians, in spite of the poverty that I witnessed, was still mostly positive and upbeat. It seems that unlike those in the West (third world countries that perpetuate at first world countries), Egyptians place their value on themselves instead of material glamor. It was a peaceful  environment, even with the Egyptian military acting as the police in a lot areas. I could feel the synchronicity of the people and the natural flow in the environment. Nothing seemed forced and inauthentic like here in the States, where everyone is chided and lambasted if you can’t get along with everybody, where certain programs and entities have to be in place to foster relationships between different groups of people.

I seen trash on the banks of the side streams from the Nile and the Nile itself. Yet when I stuck of empty Dasani bottle into the Nile to take some back as a souvenir, it was clear as the Dasani water I had drunk out of the bottle! I figured the water would be dirty, but it wasn’t. When considering the nature of the people and the cleanliness of the environment as a whole, I wasn’t too surprised. Pollution, on a metaphysical perspective, is produced when people are in sync with each other and/or their environment.

When it comes to religions, Egypt (which today is mostly Muslim, with a few sects of Christianity residing in Cairo) take theirs serious. But there’s no possibility that any of them would blow themselves over it, like they’re trying to propagandize in the States concerning Arab nations. There is a mosque in every city we sailed by on the Nile, and every morning, early every morning, you could hear the prayer call from the mosque when we were docked and/or sailing. There was a merchant on our ship that openly prayed on his mat and read his Quran.

From one perspective you could say that their devotion to religion makes them docile to systematic abuse from the government and outsiders, and it does (and has) to some degree. But I sense honesty admiration for the faith, and I respected that greatly despite my disdain for religion. And it goes back to their self-esteem as a people and nation. Religion in the States, especially among Black peoples, is like a game we play to see how much we can get out of it. Our devotion to faith depends on how much we can get out of it, which aligns to a material, capitalistic mindset. I may have a high opinion of religion as a whole, but I definitely admire someone who’s all in with their religious faith whether they “win or lose” in it; they may be blind, but they are true to their heart (chakra!)

Some of us (well, damn, 95% of us) are faking the funk, especially in this day and age of easy accessible knowledge.

If there were any doubt that another group of people could have built the Pyramids and the temples, the Egyptians Arabs that occupy the land today dispelled it. It wasn’t the harrassment that I received from the countless Arab merchants who begged me to buy their cheap yet tantalizing products that led me to this conclusion. It was a feeling I had in my gut. Maybe it was the fact the majority of the population is inundated (blinded) in religion, a system that was created by ancient Blacks. Maybe it was the fact that I visited a Nubian village (an ancient Black tribe) where the architecture looked far superior than the building homes I saw in the rest of Egypt. The Nubians took the time to add paintings and murals to the walls of their village, to give it personality.

Even in our dilapidated state worldwide, I can still sense the extraordinary nature in Black-Melanated people when I’m around a group of us. Chancellor Williams’ The Destruction of Black People details the ruthless nature of the earlier Arabs that initially came through Kemet, how they were to gain control of Kemet yet could not comprehend or understand the significance of what they conquered until Caucasoids showed up. My gut feeling only confirmed what I read years ago in the book.

But the most important thing that I realized while in Egypt is that the age of Black-Melanated greatness and genius on this earthly plane is not returning again. That ship has sailed. The amount of communal effort and mental and spiritual synchronicity that it took to build the Pyramids and the temples is unparalleled, and ceases to exist.

It’s official: Black folk in every part of the world are done with humanity, whether they want to admit it or not.

The fact that we are in a dilapidated state lets you know we have moved on from being human beings. The peak era of Ancient Kemet actually marked our decline on the world stage. We ruled lonnnng before Ancient Kemet without interruption from anyone else, for millions, maybe billions of years. We maxed out on “how to” be a human.

Black people as a group are so individualized, having a million different mindsets between each other. We’re not on the same frequency. Each and every one of us are on different points on our path to the REAL FREEDOM: liberation from the human body!

No matter how many lifetimes it takes to do it.

Anybody who talks about Black unity and coming together is bullshitting you. That’s a herd mentality. That’s someone selling you hope for tomorrow that’s never gonna come.

And that’s ok.

Viewing the Pyramids and temples with my own human eyes brought it all back home for me.


Coming back from Egypt, I’m solidified on what I need to do with my life moving forward. It gave me the opportunity to finally let go of the Black struggle. Now, I’m well aware of my purpose here on this prison planet called Earth. I know in my heart that this was never my home. I should not get too comfortable in being a human being. That’s not the end goal.

How will you use your time in prison? Will you continue to repeat the same mistakes and be reincarnated back in your human cell? Or will you choose to rehabilitate and liberate yourself  from the madness?

The choice is yours.


Peace and Love,

The Melanin Man

10 thoughts on “Observations & Realizations from my Egyptian Excursion

      • 😆 it’s cool man I just heard it so many times so many places that it lower vibrations, thanks for the feedback


      • I read that too. I think for people who still being ruled by their lower nature it is more detrimental to you. If you’re operating from your higher self and you’re into pornagraphy, you may be viewing it beyond the visual and more on a esoteric level. Even when there may be subliminal messages coming thru the porn, depending on your mental discipline, it won’t affect your subconscious.


  1. I’d just like to point out that there are more and larger pyramids in the Americas than ANYWHERE in the world combined. A great place to learn Original Peoples’ history is right here. Also, Africans as a whole are extremely tribalistic. They make clear distinctions between who is Nigerian, who is Zimbabwean, who is ‘Berber’, who is Nilotic, who is Bantu, etc. Over 50 countries, over 1,000 languages, and over 1,000 different tribal groups. IF rulership of “Africans” was to ever come about, it will never be the entire continent because it never was the entire continent. It was only small portions of large nations, mainly the ones who owned slaves. I think the goal rather, is to be autonomous and completely independent from outsiders.
    I find it very interesting that even in a police state in tourist areas, you found it to be peaceful. Some would be seeing something else if that’s the case.
    And may I ask, what do you mean by the arabs dispelled any myths about who could’ve built said pyramids and architecture?
    What did they show you, or what did you observe that makes you say that? I’m very interested in knowing.

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    • I can point out a bunch of stuff that influenced that line of thinking i.e. how the living quarters of modern day Egyptians celebrates patriarchy compared to Nubian living which is opposite, how aggressive the Arab Egyptian merchants were compared to the Black Egyptian merchant in Southern Egypt who were less intrusive. But that’s from my perspective and my perspective is of course bias for obvious reasons lol. At the end of the day, it was just a gut feeling I had, a inner knowing that I can’t fully explain in words.

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