Sorting Through the Human Propaganda (Part 1): Everything Isn’t What It Seems


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From the Melanin Man:


I had a thought once.

I thought it was ludicrous at first, until recently, I stumbled across information that makes it seem like a plausible reality.

What if the entity pulling the strings on this human illusion is a Melanated being  just like us?

Based on my upbringing, especially in Southeast region of the United States, that sounds RIDICULOUS.

Never in my lifetime have I seen or even learned of any Black Man or Woman having any kind of tangible or intangible power. All I have been exposed to is a white-dominated society where everybody else who is not pale-skinned just falls in line. With that kind of programming , it would be unfathomable for me to entertain the possibility that maybe, just maybe, the Wizard of THIS Oz may actually have melanin just like me.

I mean, how is that possible?

My enemy(s) should be the white Caucasoid and/or the white Arab, correct?

Or could that have been a ruse all along? The trick of ALL tricks?

Maybe the entities we call “white” people (or whatever you wanna call them) and other non-Black entities that are absent melanin is a part of the matrix. They could just be a distraction provided by God to keep us focused from what we, Black-Melanated Man and Woman, really need to be focused on.

Maybe God, the Creator we give reverence to no matter the religious background, is actually a demiurge.


(courtesy of Google)

demiurge (noun) – (in Gnosticism and other theological systems) a heavenly being, subordinate to the Supreme Being, that is considered to be the controller of the material world and antagonistic to all that is purely spiritual.


By continuing this journey of mine, steadily reading & researching, delving more into the occult & mythological world, listening to a plethora of Bobby Hemmitt videos, I’ve realized that the one realm non-Melanated entities don’t have any control or influence in is the spiritual realm. 

They lack the primordial substance melanin (aka dark matter), the alpha and omega of ALL creation, to do so.

Our greatest adversary is our own humanity. 

As hard as it may sound, we must NOT fall in love with life itself.

We CANNOT be subdued by the mundanes and hedonistic trappings of humanity.  As GODS & GODDESSES, we must use this thing called “life” as an opportunity raise ourselves up above the Creator, who is most definitely a demiurge (unfortunately, a melanated entity on the spiritual realm) hellbent on keeping us in human bondage, to reach the kingdom of heaven. 

The kingdom of heaven lies WITHIN YOU, Black-Melanated Man & Woman!

You can only reach the kingdom of heaven by opening that THIRD EYE of yours, raising your Kundalini (a post is coming on that very soon, folks!), embracing and practicing your magic (i.e. numerology, cosmology, astrology), and walking in the purpose you were preordained with.

Despite attempts to corner the market with New Age spirituality bullshit (which is actually regurgitated ancient metaphysical principles that was established by your ancestors), the uninitiated (those who lack melanin) will never be able to reach the kingdom of heaven that the Good Book puts so much emphasis on.

I have no hate for no man or woman…NO MATTER THEIR PHENOTYPE! But when it comes to associating with others who do not look like me, it is more so out of necessity to survive the madness of this human matrix more so than a unquenchable desire to do so.

Going even further down the rabbit hole, even if you look like me, you have to possess the TRUE knowledge of self and the world we occupy for me to have any connection with you. I only seek to congregate with those who know (or at least trying to know) that they are above their humanity, that they are truly GODS & GODDESSES, who aspire to raise themselves up to higher levels.

Hey, like Proverbs 27:17 say, iron sharpens iron.

How can you SHARPEN yourself with individuals that’s DULLER than you, or vice versa?

It’s time to ELEVATE ourselves out of this foolishness, fam!

That is where the REAL salvation lies.

(To be continued…)



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanin Man





23 thoughts on “Sorting Through the Human Propaganda (Part 1): Everything Isn’t What It Seems

  1. “We CANNOT be subdued by the mundanes and hedonistic trappings of humanity. As GODS & GODDESSES, we must use this thing called “life” as an opportunity raise ourselves up above the Creator, who is most definitely a demiurge (unfortunately, a melanated entity on the spiritual realm) hellbent on keeping us in human bondage, to reach the kingdom of heaven.
    The kingdom of heaven lies WITHIN YOU, Black-Melanated Man & Woman!
    You can only reach the kingdom of heaven by opening that THIRD EYE of yours, raising your Kundalini (a post is coming on that very soon, folks!), embracing and practicing your magic (i.e. numerology, cosmology, astrology), and walking in the purpose you were preordained with.”
    That part right there!

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  2. I love how you are preaching pride, and not letting yourself be chained down. What I have a problem with is the fact that you ignore the facts. Every human being, no matter the color of their skin, is born with a soul. As an infant, nobody is racist. Some people, regardless of the content of their skin, can be corrupted. Everyone of every color, every background needs to work on being an amazing person. Everyone is to start with, but we need to strive to be better people, every minute of every day of our lives. I understand what you are saying, and why you are saying it. I have done extensive research on several cultures, including the “occult”, and the “frowned upon”. I believe that the Astral Being(s) is/are capable of having many appearances. Growing up in a Christian family, I learned many things, but just as many things confused me. Why is Jesus portrayed as white, as he was born in Bethlehem, where no white man had been until MANY years later. I believe that the Astral Being(s) that people may or may not believe in appears to each person as what they were raised to see, or what they want to see. I am a light skinned woman, but I see God and Jesus as darker skinned, partially because of locational fact, and because I believe that race has nothing to do with anything with what is contained within a soul. I do not mean any offense, just sharing my opinion, and if I did offend you, I am very sorry. That was not my intent at all.


      • My “friends” often get offended by what I have to say, because it differs from their opinion, and they kick me out of their lives because they can’t handle that I have a different opinion. But don’t let people and words bring you down. Words only have the power you give them. Don’t give hurtful words and phrases power.

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  3. You may not believe me, but I remember my past “life”. I recalled as a child, before I had even been introduced to Christianity, saying that I chose to be sent here. This is how I remember it. (The last I can remember)
    I had walked up to a man, in a beautiful garden with children of every race running around and playing. “Yahweh, that mother is incapable of having children. I need to go down there, to make her happy.”
    And he said, “are you sure? You will face many hardships. Several that you have only seen. Some that you have never known.”
    And I replied, “yes, this is a risk I am willing to take, for everyone deserves joy, and this is the joy that she craves. She craves to hold a child, born of her body.”
    And that is where it ends. I distinctly remember having glowing bronze skin, and shoulder length hair. I can remember it like it was yesterday.

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  4. I have given thought to this before, one of the reasons I avoid talking in absolute terms is because I am open to infinite possibilities.

    I believe many of us are judged and rewarded by higher forces according to how true we remain to our integrity. But the integrity depends on our level of understanding. Example a christian grandmother in a church who loves her enemies, gives to the pastor, follows the rules in the bible, does not lie, steal, cheat, lie etc.. She would not be as learned as a scholar with deep scientific and esoteric knowledge. The scholar would have much more knowledge than what she could conceptualize. However if that scholar is using his power to manipulate others he would be more easily manipulated by the demiurge. She is living a true honest life based on her level of understanding he has greater understanding and wisdom than her but he is using it to manipulate others therefore he will me open to more manipulation by higher forces like a demiurge. And these higher forces usually like to mess with people who know the right thing and do the wrong more than people who do what they think is right.

    Many ancient people talk about breaking the reincarnation cycle to become immortal. They talk about creating an immortal Spirit body that can house the soul and mind after death. Some talk about going to heaven after death. I believe a true scholar of the occult should remain open and study everything and see the bigger picture.

    How honest we live our lives and how true we stay to our integrity is a huge determining factor in whether we rise above the demiurge or remain a puppet to the reincarnation cycle. The honesty and integrity is just as important as the gaining of knowledge, practicing yoga etc…

    It’s strange but I was following your blog on wordpress and when I visited the site I saw I wasn’t following so I followed again.

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    • I agree with you wholeheartedly 1000%!!! Sincereity is everything in what you do. That’s why I shy away from judging how people live their lives. It’s a personal choice to have knowledge or to remain ignorant. Either way, you have to be sincere and honest in it. I’ve gotten to the point in my life I can sense strongly whether people are genuine or not in their walk, whatever it may be, conscious, “woke”, or not. I notice a lot of people have agendas, thus I don’t have many people around me I call friend. But that doesn’t bother me one bit. I’ve always preferred my own company anyways since I’m naturally introverted.

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      • Yes it is good when we are able to love our own company because it puts us in a better position to attract genuine people.

        I appreciate your site and all the work you’ve done here. Much respect.

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      • Thank you for those “kind” words lol. That means a lot to me to know people get something out of what I put out. Makes the work worth it. And trust, the feeling is mutual. I appreciate your site as well; your approach is practical and appliable to just about every situation an individual could come across in life. That’s hard to find these days 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

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