Food for Thought: Thanksgiving/Black Friday Advisory


From the Melanated Man:

It’s that time of the year where we partaketh of the turkey. For those of us who don’t eat meat, it’s tofurky. But I don’t eat that nonsense either.



“No,no,no! Not for me!” Yuuuccck!

No offense to those who do, but personally I might as well eat the real thing.

Ha! Yeah right!

I’m not going to bore you with the original dreaded tragic history of Thanksgiving. We’re all too familiar with that at this point. For those who are not, click here. This is one of many thoughtful analysis of what really went down over 400-500 years ago.

It is also the time of the year where we voluntarily give our hard-earned dollars away to the corporations who don’t give a damn about us, on that unofficial holiday (it’s an official holiday to those corporations!) they coincidentally call Black Friday.

It’s a not a coincidence. We happily throw our money away to those parasites.

I bet we spend half of that $1 or $2 trillion dollars they say leaves the Black community on a yearly basis on that one day. I’m just saying

Thanksgiving and Black Friday have one thing in common: consumption.

Reckless consumption.

We stuff ourselves to death with death, for those of us who still adhere to the standard American diet. Then we follow that up the next day by buying things that truly have no value the grand scheme of things.

At some point after Thanksgiving and Black Friday a few of us will find ourselves in the ER because of chest pains, heartburn, etc., or we will  end up in debt, having spent our rent money on the latest Black Friday scam, I mean sale.

This behavior is the definition of spiritual death.

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When Consumption Changes, “The Matrix” Will Fall

Enough of ranting! At this point, I just want to say, be mindful of your decisions during these “holidays.”

Use this opportunity to spend some valuable time with your families and loved ones. Engage in some thought-provoking dialogue with family members. You probably want see some these family member for another 6 months to a year.You never know.

Enjoy the experience!

Make sure to watch your food intake (the what and the how much) and try to spurn viewership of the  annual Thanksgiving production provided by the NFL corporation . From my own personal experience, watching junk TV while consuming foods that doesn’t fit the biology of Melanin-Dominant is a catastrophe. If you have changed you diet and have unplugged from mainstream TV like I have, you probably know what I’m talking about.

If we’re spending dollars on Black Friday, preferably spend with Black (Melanin-Dominant) businesses. Buy something worthwhile that will actually enhance your life instead of taking away from it. It may sound a bit idealistic, and honestly beating a dead horse,  idealistic has to become the norm.

That’s if a transformation is what you genuinely seek in your life and for our people as a whole.

Think about it. Be safe and enjoy yourself!

Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man

11 thoughts on “Food for Thought: Thanksgiving/Black Friday Advisory

  1. This hit home for me quite a bit. A family friend passed away last year and tomorrow happens to be her birthday. Although she was pretty fit, she ate McDonald’s and drank soda[mostly Coke] several times EVERY week! And she passed from colon cancer at the age of 30! The doctors claim she had the cancerous cells in her system from a young age, but I think it was more so her negative thought projections and horrible eating habits. And she never even gave weed a chance as an alternative to her “treatments.”

    I just wish more of our people would wake up and realize the things that white america does ain’t for us. It’s ok to look crazy and save your time and money to stay home and just enjoy your own company or that of your loved ones instead of spending money on useless stuff. I hope to start a new tradition of flying out of the country every year the week of turkey day and xmas.

    Great post! Thank you

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    • 30 years old?! Wowwww!!! Omg. That’s sad. My dad passed away 4 years ago around Thanksgiving from a heart attack. While he was running! So I empathize and sympathize with you 100% wholeheartedly. I’m not eating myself to death today. That’s thanksgiving tradition though lol

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      • I feel for you as well. Those are not natural ways to leave this world! And totally avoidable with a few life tweaks. Even though it sounds like your dad was either getting his life together or keeping it together.


      • Well he did have some vices that contributed to his death that went on and off throughout his life. Anything negative you do for a prolonged period of time to your body eventually catches up to you. Unfortunately a lot lessons we learn in this life come at someone else’s expense or our own. Smh

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