Having a Moment: We’re Infected by the Dead Ideology of Money



From the Melanated Man:


money-a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes; coins and banknotes collectively.

currency-a system of money in general use in a particular country

This subject has been on my mind for a considerable amount of time, and I’ve been doing some major reflection in general because of it. Pretty much everything that we do or connected with in this society is attached  to money, or  currency.

If you don’t have MONEY, you don’t have anything.

You won’t live a decent life.

You won’t amount to anything.


That’s a true fact if you choose to live and be involved in this MATRIX, this THREE-DIMENSIONAL ILLUSION. I have heard a many of people, especially BLACK FOLKS, make statements such as:

“Of course money is not real” to make it seem as if they know the obvious trying to make you feel stupid but they don’t truly understand the game that’s being played…

…or my personal favorite, “It takes money to make money.” Very true…if you play by the rules of this MATRIX.

We give value, or we give life, to DEAD PAPER! Paper that is manufactured from a TREE, a living organism, that was KILLED so we can thrive within this ILLUSION, to play this manufactured GAME OF LIFE that we’re trapped in!

(Don’t me wrong, some of us gifted individuals may use DEAD PAPER to create masterpieces of literature and poetry, visual arts, etc. Thus, that creativity  brings BACK LIFE in a different form/expression. There can be BALANCE within the action of CREATIVITY by producing LIFE from DEATH.)

Whether you use DEAD PRESIDENTS, debit cards, or Rush cards, the concept of MONEY is nevertheless a DEAD IDEOLOGY! Even the idea of building credit by getting into debt (through home ownership, credit cards, auto loans, school loans, etc.) is the biggest CON GAME ever to be taken seriously in the HISTORY OF HUMANITY!

We are so bought into this ILLUSION.When are going to LET GO?

How is it possible that the U.S. federal government can bail out  crooked banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America with billions and billions of dollars,  and the supposedly US National Debt is $19.5 trillion dollars at the moment…and counting? Where did that money come from? So the government can just PRINT money from out its ASSHOLE, divvy it out where they see fit and all is HONKY-DOREY, huh?


Why can’t they print money to end poverty? To create a quality education system for everyone? To raise minimum wages to a reasonable living standards? To pay off its own debt?

“Hey Mr. President, I’m waiting for an answer…”


The more I think about the actuality of the situation, the  more pissed off I become, and quite honestly, a little distraught with the madness. Because the sad reality (and it’s truly sad from my perspective) of this entire dilemma is that we validate this ENTIRE FACADE EVERY DAY ! Everything that we need to survive, want to secure a tolerable existence, desire to fulfill our life’s purpose requires that we participate in the MAKE BELIEVE system of MONEY. We validate the system unconsciously…

…whether we’re CONSCIOUS or not, on any level!

As I type this post for publication, which requires an Internet service to reach the multitudes which entails the NEED for MONEY, my actions validate the SYSTEM. So what’s the DAMN point?

Again, we are so bought into this ILLUSION! When are we going to LET GO?


When have you ever needed MONEY to start a REVOLUTION? To make REAL CHANGE?

Having our BLACK businesses is nice and dandy.

But what are building toward? Are we a cohesive unit? Do we have the same goals in mind?

Or are we going into business for self, as individuals? To make MONEY, just to add more duckies to the bank account to play with, sticking with this ILLUSION, the status quo?

Building within this SYSTEM is NOT sustainable for us in the long run. Another reason that the SYSTEM of MONEY still reigns supreme is due the HIDDEN AGENDA of  promoting  a unified, multicultural nation which DOES NOT EXIST.  It serves as a medium between those that DO NOT have similar goals, similar mindsets and to be honest, similar MELANIN CONTENT. So in essence, that DEAD PAPER personifies a  DEAD RELATIONSHIP outside the exchange of CURRENCY  on a metaphysical level.  

At some point BLACKS as a whole must graduate back to a BARTER SYSTEM , the exchange of services and goods instead of currency, the most solid economical relationship  you can have.

One that is also RESPECTFUL to Mother Nature as well.

If we are of ONE MIND and  ONE SPIRIT, it is achievable! There would be not issue of TRUST  when it came to maintaining the ECONOMICAL VITALITY of the community. The goals for EVERYONE would be the same.

First, we must let go of the ILLUSION of MONEY and get back to the REAL!


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man







15 thoughts on “Having a Moment: We’re Infected by the Dead Ideology of Money

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    • Yep…that was one of the main topics at the Valentine lecture this past weekend. He advocated for cryptocurrency, specifically OneCoin. He said that was the direction currency was ultimately heading in. How you feel about cryptocurrency?

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    • Oh yeah, what do you know about the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code)? I have a feeling you know a little something something lol. IYO Is it something viable to do or it’s not worth it? I’ve done a little research and it was another topic discussed at that lecture. I’m guessing to each its own and their own preference, but I’m curious to see how others feel about it too.

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      • I think it was around 2008 I studied a lot about Moorish science. I knew who Noble Drew Ali was years ago. But after I met a co-worker that was really into the Moorish history….I got into it. I know Phil Valentine is a Moor as well. I met Sabir Bey at a lecture with Runoko Rashidi. I sat and had lunch with the elder. Rashidi was a cool brother. It was a honor to sit and speak with him. Sabir Bey started dropping knowledge on why he became a Moor. We had a great conversation that night. But I think Taj Tarik Bey breaks it down the best. Taj says :

        ”  This is the power of Nationalization and application of the Law.  Nationalizing in its essence, disclaims subordinate instruments made against you.  However, it is reasonably necessary, at some point, to send a separate formal letter (Writ, Affidavit of Fact) which would be considered a Brief, to the individual entities, for the file, and “for the record” regarding your position on the matter(s) at hand, which can also be entered into a court, if, and when necessary.  Additionally and otherwise, in many cases, this is where “Notice to the Principle is “Notice to the Agent” and “Notice to the Agent is Notice Principle” applies.  These entities / Persons are in collusion with each other.  They are agents, speaking for each other, acting for the same end with each other, and have set up Agencies to administer their policy.  Policy, however, is NOT Law, although they will tell you it is.  If you were to ask them to provide the Law, (usually done in a ‘writ Of Discovery”), they will not.  They may provide the policy(policy is ot law).  Hence, the enforcement, by you, of Article VI of the Constitution, wherein it says the states can make ordinances, statutes, and policies, but they cannot make any that abrogate the Supreme Law of the Land, of which within it, your substantive rights are protected and preserved.  The truth is by them making these colorable instruments, they are the ones who “Abrogate”22 the Law.      
             Upon study of Law, you will find that their “Policy” is to extract the life and resources from the people.  Read “Inter Caetera Divna”, the Inquisitionist Intent.  Within the pages exist the clear and concise intent of the Conquest and purpose of colonization, here in North, South and Central America.  You, we, have not been free. You, we have been held to slavery.  Slavery has been bureaucratized.  We, then, have been “Bureaucratic slaves” frauduently.  That is just the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, as documented throughout history and historical records and deeds. 
             Nationalizing is not enough, being a National is required in both your thinking (Allodial) and your deeds.  You must come out of the “victim mode”, and become victorious, as “victory is assured”, and can be effectuated almost overnight with the correct knowledge and information.  Knowledge is power, and being informed is the source of that power.   If you have not studied, do so.  If you have received a college education, and thus think you are educated, know that you have probably received a “collage” of misinformation, which  will not help you much in knowing the Law.  The Law is not complicated, and it protects the ignorant, and always provides remedy.  They have made it appear complicated because they operate with artificially injected complexities that have been placed over Law, giving it another complexion called “Color-of-Law”23, which means it is a semblance of that which is real, a semblance of Law, thus is not Law, certainly not positive law.  They act under “Color Of Office”24.

             The Law begins with you,  and is derived from Divine Law principles.  You are the Law, you taught the Law. It is  in your DNA.  Search for that which is in you already, and don’t buy into the Ancestral DNA testing that is supposedly designed to tell you where you alledgedly came from in Africa, so you can know who you are, and where you stand in the human family.  This (North, South, Central America) is West Africa.  Besides it has already been established that ALL DNA traces back to the “African/Moabite Woman”, the mother of all of humanity.  It is not to say that “all nations are within you, but to say that you are within all nations”.  Pull on and pour out, your cellular memory, thus you will trace yourself through even the ages, and then you will know.”
        I think Taj makes some great points. The problem is you have to get enough black people nationalized. And we have to change the minds of our people. That’s a very large task. Even the friend of mine that thought about becoming a Moor gave up on it. He said it’s too much damn paperwork.lol But I do see what the Moors are saying though. As far as “black” not being a nationality therefore we have no REAL rights. But I always ask myself……Can paperwork stop an ass whooping?? We need REAL power to fight this Beast. The white man doesn’t have to honor a piece of paper that says you have a certain nationality. The white man rules with POWER. They had signed treaties with the Native Americans. Did the white man honor those treaties?? Hell NO! He killed the men,raped the women and children…and took the land. We need our own Army,Navy and Marines. We need tanks,guns and nuclear weapons. It’s the only language the white man understands. You can build a Black Wallstreet and have black banks,grocery stores,dealerships etc…. But what’s stopping the white man from bombing it again?? You have to be able to defend what is yours. Otherwise you’re at the mercy of your oppressor. Just my take on it.

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      • Hmmm interesting. You’re spot on. They don’t respect nothing unless you have the means to protect yourself. That’s truth. Gotta think on that one because I thought the same thing prior to this weekend. I hate the fact we are considered property of the state, but what can you do besides what u mentioned above that’s substantive? Smh

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      • Yeah that’s the sad reality. That’s the situation we need to change. We need to do things in a covert manner. And think in a strategic way when you’re in a war. We need to develop that type of technology at the present time. Otherwise nothing else matters.

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