ED vs. EL: …And the WHITE SUGARS!



Is there REALLY a difference?


From the Melanated Man:



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We FINALLY reach the sugar portion of this series.

It won’t be that extensive today. I’m going to get straight to the POINT.

Random thought: I need a break from the food-related posts for minute (I know you’re probably thinking the same thing.) I’m getting burned out at the moment with it. I’m so passionate about how we SHOULD be eating that I know that there is always something to throw out there that can be beneficial for my peoples.


White, refined sugar, next to meat, is our BIGGEST weakness. As mentioned many, MANY times, refined sugar is a FDA-approved DRUG.

It’s on their FOOD PYRAMID!

Does anyone even go by the food pyramid anymore?

(Side note: White, refined sugar is removed from the sugar cane, its natural source, thus changing its chemical makeup, extracting all nutrients and minerals, becoming DENATURED in the process. A BLACK MAN by the name of Norbert Rillieux actually invented the process of sugar refinement in 1846, during slavery times. Beforehand slaves would harvest the sugar cane and refine it by hand. What is even more crazy is that the SAME sugar that was refined by slaves was used to BUY AND SELL SLAVES as well. Little did the those slaves and Rillieux know that white, refined sugar would create a CATASTROPHE to their health.)


White, refined sugar is sold EVERYWHERE!

It is inserted into EVERYTHING that we eat!

Is it that REALLY that necessary a nutrient? Wait, sugar is NOT a nutrient. Right?

The-powers-that-be have saw fit that sugar is a necessary NUTRIENT (smh) for the masses, as long as you monitor your intake.

That’s the trick. Drugs are NOT essential in any way imaginable; we take them for a temporary HIGH to relieve stressors in our life, only treating the symptoms and NOT the core of the issue.

We black-melanated folks have SO MANY stressors in our lives…starting from BIRTH! Due to our reluctance to unify together as one and fight the REAL issues as a collective unit, we embrace the individualistic culture that has grown out of this parasitic, capitalistic society and hope for the best…as individuals.

Damn it I’m off topic…

During holidays I would indulge in red velvet cakes, key lime cakes, and pecan pies (I still do on RARE occasions) and sweet beverages, hoping to ease the direct (personal struggles) and indirect (overall black struggle) stresses in my life.

And of course I gained weight. And more problems.

I believe ALL of us in some form of fashion has a sugar addiction.

It’s a very, VERY, VERRRRYYY hard habit to kick.


From African Holistic Health:

“It takes four pancreas to process white sugar….White sugar stresses the pancreas, kidneys, liver, starves the brain of oxygen, causes adrenal weakness, baldness, attention deficits blindness, tooth decay, high blood pressure, allergies, bone loss, infertility, cataracts, glaucoma, nerve damage (i.e. multiple sclerosis), brain damage (Alzheimer’s), senility, kidney failure, diabetes, mood swings, hypoglycemia, hyperactivity, and arthritis. It causes cellular waste to congest the soft tissue and bones, requires large amounts of water to flush it out the system and it is one of the most addicting and harmful drug used.”


And you wonder why we need health insurance? Keep eating the standard American (becoming worldwide) diet.

(I’m pushing my kids to be doctors…or dentists.)

For those who don’t realize it (but I think you do), your health insurance companies are “in bed” with the food industry.

“White sugar robs the body of minerals and vitamins, especially Vitamin E. This robbery results in drowsiness, temper outburst, hyperactivity, mood swings, tantrums, mischievousness, delinquency, laziness, and violence.”

Vitamin E helps remove antioxidants from your body. Without it you can experience the following listed above.

We can’t just blame white sugar for black people’s overall demeanor and behavior as a people, even though we consume it large amounts DAILY.

I can. That’s what drugs do.


So what about raw sugar cane and artificial sweeteners? Shouldn’t they be a better alternative?

“Brown sugar and raw sugar is white sugar with brown caramel dye on it. Concentrated sweeteners are drugs and addicting. The other names for processed sugars are honey, maple syrup, barley or rice syrup, molasses, corn syrup, sucrose, concentrated fruit juice, pasteurized (cooked orange juice), dextrin, dextrose, maltose, dry cane juice, succanet, sorbitol, fructose, and mannitol.”

Add aspartame to the list for you Splenda lovers.


The only sugars we SHOULD be consuming is from FRESH FRUIT(and maybe some sugar cane and agave plant.)

That is the standard we SHOULD adhere to. But our tastebuds have been conditioned for a strong, sweet aftertaste for hundreds of years. And like I mentioned earlier, the PROCESSED foods we eat ALL have some amount sugar (and MSG) in it. As a collective unit through a concerted effort, it will take years to break the “white” sugar habit.

We are in a constant state of sickness, physically and mentally, because of it.

All because of this white sugar SHIT we eat.

I apologize to anyone who I may offend with these strong words. There are a many of black-melanated people that make a living selling sweets. With love and care through some HARD WORK.

And I’ve enjoyed  their products very HAPPILY as a matter of fact. I respect their craft.

But what else can you call a food that does NOTHING but destroy you,inside and out?

As Rick James would say, “White sugar is a HELL OF A DRUG!”



I don’t have all the answers and I don’t live a *perfect life so to speak, but I do understand through personal experience that certain things you put into your body is not conducive to your entire being. From the meats to our sugar intake, this eating holocaust is a complex situation for black-melanated people. It’s something similar to a rat trying to find his way out of a maze.

We have been BAMBOOZLED. And alot of us still can’t see the big picture.

With the knowledge I have so far I’m going to do my best to help those who WANT to be helped. And STILL learn more myself.

Hopefully through these last couple of weeks you learned something regarding how our eating affects our fight for true independence for blacks. I have more posts on eating coming up in the future but I want  to  switch it up little bit more and discuss the other arenas in our struggle that needs addressing as well.

Get back to the melanin and some metaphysics, and much more!!!




Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man


*Future post



Reference: Afrika, Llaila. African Holistic Health. Copyright 2009.








9 thoughts on “ED vs. EL: …And the WHITE SUGARS!

  1. SO many ailments are preventable! That list is crazy.
    Just curious to where you read that brown sugar is just white sugar with dye. Sugar is brown by nature, no? It doesn’t come off the cane pure white. We only buy pure cane and brown sugar and have only seen those things listed as ingredients. Wouldn’t the dye/dye # be on the label too?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Im starting realize that they don’t place everything on the ingredients and people have been dumbed down to the point where they take everything thrown to them and don’t research it themselves. Thinking for yourself hurts and the powers that be know the masses as a whole don’t use critical thinking. Thank you for asking me that question lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • Of course. I appreciate you sharing.

        They package things with hidden warning labels and people still buy them. My older sister is also my business partner and really got me into researching those tricky names in the ingredients lists. You can google it from your phone right there in the store before making your purchase … but people would rather “check-in” or post a “shopping flow” selfie instead of use their smartphones for something smart. It’s kinda out of hand.

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